Membership Information

Membership in the Gorilla Legislative Network is open to all PSU alumni and friends who have an interest in supporting PSU through legislative advocacy. Communication for the members of this network will be mainly through email. Training will be provided once per year on issue affecting PSU, ways to contact legislators, and the proper ways to advocate on behalf of PSU with local and state officials. Events will also be held each year for members and legislators.

Email communications for members:

  • January - May (during session): bi-weekly e-newsletter and as needed
  • Off season: Update e-newsletter in summer (August) and fall (November)
  • Action Alert email as needed: Write, call or email on an issue in support of PSU or to thank legislators for a specific vote or support of PSU

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Kansas Board of Regents Legislative Fact Sheet

Training Session PowerPoint Presentation
Training Session Video, January 18, 2011, Wilkinson Alumni Center

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