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Technical Teacher Education

Degree Programs

Technical Teacher Education Certificate

The purpose of this certificate is for those individuals who are obtaining coursework with the Technical Teacher Education unit to acquire certification (through the appropriate state entity) within the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. All of these courses can be used for major requirements on the Bachelors of Science in Vocational Education, but individuals who are taking these courses may not be seeking a degree at this time.

Coursework required for Technical Teacher Education Certificate

Total of 23 credit hours

TTED 391 Student Assessment Development in Vocational/Tech Ed. (3 credits)
TTED 395 Task Analysis for Technical Teachers (1 credits)
TTED 396 Curriculum Usage in Technical Education (2 credits)
TTED 479 Techniques for Teaching Vocational-Technical Education (3 credits)
TTED 608 Components of Work-based Learning in Technical Education (3 credits)
TTED 694 Foundations of Vocational/Technical Education (3 credits)
TTED 695 Using Technology as an Instructional Tool (2 credits)
TTED 697 Identification of Students with Special Needs (3 credits)
TTED 780 Classroom Management in Career and Technical Education (3 credits)

Bachelor of Science in Vocational - Technical Education

The Bachelor of Science in Vocational-Technical Education curriculum is organized with two options which are designed to meet the needs of persons with different work experience backgrounds.

Program Guide for Private Sector Option I of the curriculum is designed for persons who have completed a vocational-technical education program in an accredited public sector institution who have less than two years of work experience above the learner's level in one of the industrial or technical occupations taught in Kansas.

Program Guide for Public Sector Option II of the curriculum is designed to provide specialized teacher education for persons teaching or preparing to teach in trade and industrial and technical programs.

Credit of up to 24 semester hours is granted on an individual basis in the two options based on occupational competency.

Master of Science Degree - Career and Technical Education

Technical Teacher Education Emphasis. The graduate program is for candidates that have already completed Technical Teacher Education certification. It also provides certification opportunity for persons interested in qualifying for teaching in health occupations, business, family and consumer Sciences, and other career and technical fields in vocationally approved high school and post-secondary programs-technical colleges, community colleges, universities, business and industry. Persons who hold the baccalaureate degree in allied health, agriculture, business, data processing, engineering, nursing, technology or related professional and technical areas may meet teacher certification and degree require­ments by completing the degree. Candidates seeking certification are required to have completed two years of work experience in their profession, and may be required to take foundation courses that may exceed the minimum 32 credit hours associated with Option III.

This emphasis also provides a high degree of flexibility for certified vocational teachers pursuing goals related to Technical Teacher Education, such as: research, curriculum and instruction, as well as opportunities to gain additional technical expertise in a specialized area or broadening one's scope of technical knowledge. For Option I (Thesis), candidates complete 14-15 credit hours of core courses; 6 hours of thesis; and select 9-10 credit hours of advanced course work in the discipline for a minimum total of 30 credit hours. Students pursuing Option III (Course Work), complete 14-15 credit hours of core courses; 6 hours of Option III courses; and select 9-12 credit hours of courses to total at least 32 credit hours.  All graduate students pursuing the Masters of Sciences with a Major in Career and Technical Education are required to take a comprehensive examination over the major departmental course work of study.

Program Guide for Master's Degree (PDF)

Master of Science Degree with Major in Career and Technical Education