Gary Wilson was honored with the 2001 Outstanding Faculty Award by the Student Government Association from the student nominees of faculty that demonstrate excellence in instruction and service to students on campus.

Education and Certifications

Ph.D.      University of Arkansas, 2012
              Public Policy:  Family Policy, Criminal Justice
M.S.       Pittsburg State University, 1997
Graduate Coursework:  University of Missouri – Kansas City
University of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology            
Social Problems                               
Social Deviance
Community Sociology                   
Crime & Public Policy     
Introduction to the Justice System
Marriage & Family                          
The Family & Society     
Race & Ethnicity

Interests, Publications and Presentations

Dissertation (2012) – “Tar Creek Superfund Site:  Family & Community Impact Analysis”
The study examined family decision-making processes in the face of an environmental disaster.  The goal of the study was to determine why residents either chose to leave the Tar Creek area or to remain in place after many warnings about the health risks and several programs that would have subsidized relocation.

Marjorie Donovan and Gary Wilson, "Focus on Sex, Gender, and Society: In-Class Cooperative Learning Experience," International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning, October 13-15, 2005, Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Marjorie Donovan, Gary Wilson, Chuck Killingsworth, and Adonna Helmig, "Attitudes About Firearm Violence Among High-School Youth in the Rural Midwest," American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, November 17-20, 2004.

Marjorie Donovan, Gary Wilson, Chuck Killingsworth, and Adonna Helmig, "Attitudes of Rural Midwestern Public High School Students Regarding Firearm Violence," American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, November 19-22, 2003.