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Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in International Studies

International Studies International Studies

What is International Studies?

International Studies is a multidisciplinary major within the Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at Pittsburg State University. The core of the discipline consists of Political Science, History, Geography, and Sociology, with important contributions from departments across campus, including Communications, Management and Marketing, English and Modern Languages, and the Fine Arts and Humanities. The major is designed to give students a core body of knowledge and basic skills necessary to live and work successfully in an increasingly interconnected world. The development of students’ foreign language skills is a key component of the program.

View the International Studies major Program Guide, Program Requirements, and Program Checksheet

What is the Mission of the International Studies Program at PSU?

Pittsburg State University's mission statement affirms:

"The university recognizes the world as interdependent and, thus, seeks to promote a broad and interactive international perspective."

The International Studies Major is unique because it is part of Pittsburg State University's on-going effort to promote a broad international perspective.  This perspective allows students to pursue international academic interests systematically and provides structured opportunities to develop skills and contacts useful to them in their career.  The mission of the International Studies Program (Major or Minor) is to:

  • Provide high-quality in-depth education in international affairs
  • Cultivate foreign language and inter-cultural communication skills
  • Offer opportunities for study abroad
  • Enhance students' vocational skills in an increasingly interconnected world<
  • Encourage an intellectual climate that cultivates curiosity, tolerance, and eagerness to learn about the world

Director/Advisor for the International Studies Program:
For information and to make an initial contact regarding the International Studies program:

Dr. Darren Botello-Samson(Associate Professor), Director
327D Russ Hall