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Alto Trombone Home Page

This page includes information on the Alto Trombone. Currently the literature section, equipment and abstract sections are complete.  You will also find fingering charts for the Eb and F alto.  I hope to include a section on an alto trombone bibliography.  Suggestions and information may be emailed to Robert Kehle.

Key Resources Imgae


The second edition of my book on alto trombone literature
is published by Warwick Music.

the cover of Mr. Kehle's book

Other sites of interest:

Robert Kehle This is my home page, if you really want to know something about me.

Online Trombone Journal This is a trombone journal and includes links, announcements, a directory of trombonists plus articles.

Douglas Yeo Home Page. He's the bass trombonist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Horn Page

Trumpet Guild

Tuba Page

Music Search

I've had very good luck in obtaining published alto music from Hickeys Music Center. You may contact them at: