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Alto Trombone Literature

Compiled by Robert Kehle

Below is a listing of two web pages covering works for Alto Trombone. I hope that you will find them helpful.

I am interested in obtaining e-mail addresses and home page information about living composers. Please pass this information on to me at

Warwick Music of Warwick, England publishes my book, "ALTO TROMBONE LITERATURE: AN ANNOTATED GUIDE." Include in the annotation are addresses of publishers/composers, grade, style, range, and some basic information on the work.

I've had very good luck in obtaining published alto music from Hickeys Music Center. You may contact them at

Alto Trombone Literature: Methods and Solos

  • Original Alto Trombone Methods and Orchestral Excerpts
  • Other Pedagogical Method Books
  • Available Original Alto Solos Written Before 1900
  • Original Alto Solos Written After 1900
  • Solo Alto Trombone With Other Solo Brass Instrument
  • Works Arranged for Solo Alto Trombone

Enembles and Chamber Music

  • Original Trombone Ensemble With Alto As The Top Part
  • Arrangements for Trombone Ensemble With Alto As The Top Part
  • Moravian Music (Available)
  • Alto Trombone With Voice, Published As Individual Works, Not In Collections
  • Alto Trombone and Voice In Published Collections
  • Alto Trombone In Modern Chamber Music
  • Alto Trombone In Pre 1900 Chamber Music

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