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Dr. Duane Whitbeck

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Holly Viets

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Family & Consumer Sciences
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Here is an example of something the Interior Design students participated in.

Interior Design Room Design Competition (Fall 2009)                   Completion date:  December 7, 2009

What:  Design a FCS Student Resource Room in Room 206

Description of the project:  We see this as incorporating some of the elements (furnishings) of the current room but in a way that it can be open every day as a student study, resource room.  Individual faculty members would probably have different ideas about its use and how it might be used.  Individuals working on this project will need to interview faculty members to get a better understanding of the possibilities.

FCS 206 Room Use and Planning Discussion

History:  We designated the room originally to be a classroom during the initial planning phase for the building.  We then realized that we needed a place to house the donated items (display cabinets, etc.)  The idea was to have it be a special use room by student organizations and for class presentations or hosting.

Currently the room has the following items: (Large items listed only)

Things that will stay:  3 - Display cabinets - these were donated items and we are to keep them in the department; Large wooden desk with side wooden storage drawers (kept for a limited time); Sofa; Large walnut colored laminate table; large black pedestals for display; 1 Fire place mantel for display purposes; 1 old glass door bookcase used for display

Things that can go:  4 looms - small, weaving wall hanging

Things that might stay or go: Historic Heywood Wakefield Furniture - Large table with two inserts and 6 chairs; Corner table, Bookcase, Rolling table; 2 glass display cabinets; 3 Drawers storage cabinets; 5 other chairs, 1 end table

2 old tables - antique - one that we have used for display purposes in the large display cases; 7 lamps; 3 old rocking chairs

What will go into the room: (funded, but may not receive this year)

52" flat panel screen, mount, wiring, desktop computer, media cart, etc. to help transform this room into a FCS Resource room which would be used as a study room for students, a work room for small groups, a meeting room for small groups, a storage space for display purposes, a resource room for students in all areas.

Students' designs must include the following:  CADD floor plan, at least two renderings (elevations or perspectives) of the space.

The FCS faculty will use the designs to inform themselves about potential outcomes but will not be bound by any one design.  The design determined to be the best design (most effective and practical use of the space as determined by the faculty as a whole).

Awards: The winner will receive a $100.00 scholarship to be given in spring 2010.  Second place will get a $50.00 scholarship for use in Spring 2010.  The greatest benefit will be another piece for your portfolio and resume.