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Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Education
Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is the Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Education a 4-year degree?
A:  Yes.  This is a comprehensive degree that prepares you for a variety of professions with the one most associated with it being teaching at the middle school or high school level.  Because there are so many job opportunities it is common for students majoring in other FCS areas (Early Childhood Development, Fashion or Interior Merchandising or Interior Design) to consider taking courses for this area as well to heighten employablity.  Additionally additional training in those areas provides a depth of content for individuals to teach that same content at the high school level.

Q: How long do I student teach and where can I go?
A: There are a large variety of locations where you can student teach.  We have students placed in SE Kansas, Missouri, Kansas City, and Oklahoma.  One limitation is that you can not student teach where you attended high school.  The College of Education will work cooperatively with you to choose an ideal location that will provide you a successful experience.

Q:  What grade levels will I be qualified to teach?
A:  You will be licenced to teach Family & Consumer Sciences courses grades 6 through 12.  The courses could include content in interiors, merchandising, child development, consumer education, culinary, nutrition and many more.

Q:  Can I teach other subjects besides those in FACS?
A:  Kanasas allows any person with a current teachng licence to take a content exam to expand their teachng licence to cover other subjects.  It is comnmon for FACS teachers to also teach subjects such as math, English, art or many others.  Other options include certifications such as ESOL and Special Education.

Q:  Can I start out taking courses at a community college?
A:  Yes, but careful consideration of the classes you take is very important.  We recommend that you focus on general education courses is you are taking things at a community college that will transfer to PSU successfully.  It is more difficult to graduate in eight semesters if you complete two full years unless you have talked with our advisers and made sure things line up.  Every student in Kansas is required to complete 45 hours of upper division courses.  Some courses require a pre-requsite or may be offered only in one semester so getting on track is important.  Be sure to talk with an FCS Faculty adviser.

Q:  Will I have to take standardized tests to become a FACS teacher?
A:  If you get above a 24 on your ACT test, you are not required to take a basic skills test.  Otherwise you will take either the C-Base or PPST basic skills test during your sophomore year.  During your senior year you will take two additional tests:  the Praxis Series "Principles of Learning Exam" and a Praxis Series "FCS Content Exam."  The Kansas Board of Regents requires all teacher candidates in Kansas to pass these exams.  There is tutoring available and our pass rater is above 90%.

Q:  Do I need a Master's Degree?
A:  A Master's degree will give you many opportunities within the education profession, but you do not need this degree when you start teaching.

Q:  Are there going to be jobs available when I graduate?
A:  The answer to this one is "Absolutely."  Here are some statistics that address our profession over the next decade.  The U.S. needs 552,000 FACS education teachers by the year 2018.  Kansas alone needs approximately 1000 within the same time frame.  Based on current graduation rates Kansas will be 700 teachers short of the demand.  That means that not only will you find employment but it also is transferable to not only almost anywhere you want to go in the state, but also to most areas in any state in the United States.