Full Time Faculty

Duane Whitbeck Dr. Duane Whitbeck
Chair, Professor

· Human Development
· Family Dynamics
· Professional Skills
· Early Childhood Dev
Troy Anderson Troy Anderson

· FACS Education
Denise Bertoncino Denise Bertoncino
Associate Professor

· Interior Design
Kari Cronister Kari Cronister

· Preschool Supervising Teacher
Dr. Lynette J. Olson, CFLE

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Holly Page (Sagehorm) Holly Page (Sagehorn)
Assistant Professor

· Interior Design
Amber Tankersley Dr. Amber Tankersley
Assistant Professor

· Preschool Lab Director
· Early Childhood Development
Carol Werhan Carol Werhan
Associate Professor

· Teacher Education

Administrative Specialist
and Part-Time Faculty

Holly Viets Holly Viets
Administrative Specialist

Professor Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Cris Elliott Cristine Elliott

· Coordinator of Incoming Students
· Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher Education