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Annual Index - 2007

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XIX
Volume XIX Number 1 -- Spring 2007
Main Articles

Examining the Impact of Organizational Value Dissimilarity in Top Management Teams -- 11
Melenie J. Lankau, Andrew Ward, Allen Amason, Thomas Ng, Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld and Bradley R. Agle

An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of the Use of Family-friendly Benefits -- 35
James A. Breaugh and N. Kathleen Frye

An Empirical Examination of the Role of Social Exchanges in Alliance Performance -- 53
Senthil Kumar Muthusamy, Margaret A. White and Amelia Carr

An Examination of the Role of Emotional Intelligence in Work and Family Conflict -- 76
Janet A. Lenaghan, Richard Buda and Alan B. Eisner

Overreward and the Impostor Phenomenon -- 95
William C. McDowell, Nancy G. Boyd and Wm. Matthew Bowler

Knowledge Type and Communication Media Choice in the Knowledge Transfer Process -- 111
Samantha R. Murray and Joseph Peyrefitte

Exploratory Study

An Exploratory Examination of Voice Behavior from an
Impression Management Perspective
-- 129
Jerry Bryan Fuller, Tim Barnett, Kim Hester, Clint Relyea and Len Frey

Volume XIX Number 2 -- Summer 2007
Main Articles

Integrating Employment Contracts and Comparisons:
What One Can Teach Us About the Other
-- 161
Bonnie S. O'Neill, Jonathon R. B. Halbesleben and John C. Edwards

Organizational Commitment, Human Resource Practices,
and Organizational Characteristics
-- 186
Jack Fiorito, Dennis P. Bozeman, Angela Young and James Meurs

Equifinality and the Strategic Groups - Performance Relationship -- 208
Dan Marlin, David J. Ketchen, Jr. and Bruce Lamont

Organizational Size and CEO Compensation: The Moderating Effect of
Diversification in Downscoping Organizations
-- 233
Scott W. Geiger and Luke H. Cashen

Exploratory Studies

The Value of Corporate Financial Measures in Monitoring Downturn
and Managing Turnaround: An Exploratory Study
-- 253
John A. Pearce II

An Analysis of Saudi Arabian and U.S. Managerial Coaching Behaviors -- 271
David M. Noer, Christopher R. Leupold and Matthew Valle

The Effects of Work Environment on the Personality-Performance Relationship:
An Exploratory Study
-- 288
James W. Westerman and Bret L. Simmons

Volume XIX Number 3 -- Fall 2007
Main Articles

Attitude toward the Customer: A Study of Product Returns Episodes -- 315
Chad W. Autry, Donna J. Hill and Matthew O'Brien

Intraindustry Executive Succession, Competitive Dynamics, and Firm Performance:
Through the Knowledge Transfer Lens
-- 340
Wayne Grossman

Employment Capital, Board Control, and the Problem of Misleading Disclosures -- 362
William J. Donoher and Richard Reed

Shareholder Value Ideology, Reciprocity and Decision Making in Moral Dilemmas -- 379
Charnchai Tangpong and James G. Pesek

Research Report

Human Resource Safety Practices and Employee Injuries -- 397
Kristy J'Lyn Lauver

Research Methodology

The Knowledge Strategy Orientation Scale:
Individual Perceptions of Firm-level Phenomena
-- 414
Brian K. Miller, Paul E. Bierly III and Paula S. Daly

Practitioner/Managerial Feature

Enhancing Produce Recovery Value in Closed-loop Supply Chains with RFID -- 436
John K. Visich, Suhong Li and Basheer M. Khumawala


Volume XIX Number 4 -- Winter 2007
Main Articles

Top Management Team Prestige and Organizational Legitimacy:
An Examination of Investor Perceptions
-- 461
S. Trevis Certo and Frank Hodge

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Incorporating the Cost of Capital -- 478
Robert Kee

Mechanisms Linking Nationality and Subjective Well-being in Managers
in China and the United States
-- 494
Abhishek Srivastava, Gerald L. Blakely, Martha C. Andrews and Frances M. McKee-Ryan

Perceived Organizational Support: Evidence for a Mediated Association
with Work Performance
-- 517
Lori A. Muse and Christina L. Stamper

The Link between Communication and Financial Performance
in Simulated Organizational Teams
-- 536
Michelle Kirtley Johnston, Kendra Reed, Kate Lawrence and Marina Onken

Reciprocating Perceived Organizational Support through Citizenship Behaviors -- 554
Henry E. Peelle III

Guest Managerial Feature

From Dot Bomb Implosion to the Printing Industry: My Personal and Professional Journey -- 576
Diane L. Lockwood, Colette A. Frayne and Robert E. Callahan

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