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Annual Index - 2004

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XVI

Volume XVI Number 1 -- Spring 2004
Guest Managerial Feature
The Primary Drivers for Continuous Improvement: The Reduction of the Triad of Waste -- 15
Richard J. Tersine
Main Articles
Empirically Testing the Boundaries of Benevolence in Asymmetric Channel Relations: A Response to Economic Dependence -- 29
Jule B. Gassenheimer, Franklin S. Houston and Chris Manolis
The Cognitive and Affective Antecedents of General Trust within Cooperative Organizations -- 48
J. L. Morrow, Jr., Mark H. Hansen and Allison W. Pearson
Exploratory Studies
Auditor Reputation and the Insurance Hypothesis: The Information Content of Disclosures of Financial Distress of a Major Accounting Firm -- 65
William Hillison and Carl Pacini
Determinants of the Anonymity of the CEO Evaluation Process -- 87
Paula Silva and Henry L. Tosi
Research Reports
The Role of Expectations in the Mentoring Exchange: An Analysis of Mentor and Protégé Expectations in Relation to Perceived Support -- 103
Angela M. Young and Pamela L. Perrewé
Effects of Gender and Power on PR Managers' Upward Influence -- 127
Julie O'Neil
Volume XVI Number 2 -- Summer 2004
Main Articles
New Evidence Regarding Organizational Downsizing and a Firm's Financial Performance: A Long-term Analysis -- 155
Kenneth P. De Meuse, Thomas J. Bergmann, Paul A. Vanderheiden and Catherine E. Roraff
The Impact of CEO Duality and Prestige on a Bankrupt Organization -- 178
Erich N. Brockmann, James J. Hoffman, David D. Dawley and Charles J. Fornaciari
Predictors of Employee Trust of Their CEO: A Three-country Study -- 197
Robert D. Costigan, Richard C. Insinga, Grazyna Kranas, Vladimir A. Kureshov and Selim S. Ilter
Managerial/Practitioner Feature
The Intellectual Capital Realization Process (ICRP): An Application of the Resource-based View of the Firm -- 217
Irene M. Herremans and Robert G. Isaac
Case Study/Field Experiment
Formal Data Use in Strategic Planning: An Organizational Field Experiment -- 232
Don Daake, David D. Dawley and William P. Anthony
Research Reports
Team Self-management, Organizational Structure, and Judgments of Team Effectiveness -- 248
Jasmine Tata and Sameer Prasad
Changing Attitudes Toward People with Disabilities: Experimenting with an Educational Intervention -- 266
Courtney Shelton Hunt and Brandon Hunt
Volume XVI Number 3 -- Fall 2004
Main Articles
Right-to-work Laws and Business Environments: An Analysis of State Labor Policy -- 289
Raymond Hogler, Steven Shulman and Stephan Weiler
The Outcome Saliency Effect on Negotiated Transfer Prices -- 305
Dipankar Ghosh and Margaret N. Boldt
Predicting Misleading Disclosures: The Effects of Control, Pressure, and Compensation -- 322
Richard Reed, William J. Donoher and Susan F. Barnes
Human Resource Configurations, Intellectual Capital, and Organizational Performance -- 337
Mark A. Youndt and Scott A. Snell
Diversification Strategy and Top Management Team Fit -- 361
Dan Marlin, Bruce T. Lamont and Scott W. Geiger
Research Application
A Note on the Need for True Scores in Frame-of-Reference (FOR) Training Research -- 382
Kristina E. Chirico, M. Ronald Buckley, Anthony R. Wheeler, Jeffrey D. Facteau, H. John Bernardin and Danielle S. Beu
Research Reports
The Performance Effects of Service Diversification by Manufacturing Firms -- 396
Bruce C. Skaggs and Scott B. Droege
Volume XVI Number 4 -- Winter 2004
Main Articles
A Transformational Model of Legal-Claiming -- 417
Barry M. Goldman, E. Layne Paddock and Russell Cropanzano
Strategic Options for Managing Intellectual Asset Flows in the Information Sector -- 442
Brent D. Beal and Douglas E. Thomas
Managerial Discretion in the Use of Self-ratings in an Appraisal System: The Antecedents and Consequences -- 460
Edward J. Inderrieden, Robert E. Allen and Timothy J. Keaveny
Commitment on the Board: A Model of Volunteer Directors' Levels of Organizational Commitment and Self-reported Performance -- 483
Robert D. Stephens, David D. Dawley and David B. Stephens
Mediators of the Relationship Between Race and Organizational Citizenship Behavior -- 505
James R. Jones and John Schaubroeck
An Examination of the Dysfunctional Consequences of Organizational Injustice and Escapist Coping -- 528
Kelly L. Zellars, Yongmei Liu, Virginia Bratton, Robert Brymer and Pamela L. Perrewé
Perceived Organizational Family Support: A Longitudinal and Multilevel Analysis -- 545
Cynthia A. Thompson, Eileen White Jahn, Richard E. Kopelman and David J. Prottas
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