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Annual Index - 2001

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XIII

Volume XIII Number 1 -- Spring 2001

Main Articles

The Association Between Auditor Size And Bank Regulator Ratings -- 13
Edward B. Douthett, Jr., Jonathan E. Duchac and Dorothy Lee Warren

Work-Family Benefits: Which Ones Maximize Profits? -- 28
Christine Siegwarth Meyer, Swati Mukerjee and Ann Sestero

Strategic Consensus And Manufacturing Performance -- 45
Frank T. Lindman, Thomas E. Callarman and Karen L. Fowler

Operating Income, Residual Income And EVATM: Which Metric Is More Value Relevant? -- 65
Shimin Chen and James L. Dodd

Supervisor Communication Practices And Boundary Spanner Role Ambiguity -- 87
Mark C. Johlke and Dale F. Duhan

Research Reports

An Investigation Of The Relational Component Of The Psychological Contract Across Time, Generation, And Employment Status -- 102
Kenneth P. De Meuse, Thomas J. Bergmann and Scott W. Lester

The Effects Of Bureaucratization On Corruption, Deviant And Unethical Behavior In Organizations -- 119
Jason Zimmerman

Volume XIII Number 2 -- Summer 2001

Main Articles

Evaluating the Economics of Short- and Long-Run Production-Related Decisions -- 139
Robert C. Kee

The Effects of Pre-Entry Experiences and Socialization Tactics on Newcomer Attitudes and Turnover -- 159
Christine M. Riordan, Elizabeth W. Weatherly, Robert J. Vandenberg and Robin M. Self

Understanding the Impact of Human Resource Diversity Practices on Firm Performance -- 177
Orlando C. Richard and Nancy Brown Johnson

Follower Motive Patterns as Situational Moderators for Transformational Leadership Effectiveness -- 196
Jerry C. Wofford, J. Lee Whittington and Vicki L. Goodwin

Leadership and Motivation: The Effective Application of Expectancy Theory -- 212
Robert G. Isaac, Wilfred J. Zerbe and Douglas C. Pitt

Pedagogical Feature

Presentation Self-Efficacy: Increasing Communication Skills Through Service-Learning -- 227
Mary L. Tucker and Anne M. McCarthy

Research Report

Sanctioned Versus Non-sanctioned Political Tactics -- 245
Alberto Zanzi and Regina M. O'Neill

Volume XIII Number 3 -- Fall 2001

Main Articles

Early Retirement Penalties In Defined Benefit Pension Plans -- 273
Helen I. Doerpinghaus and Daniel C. Feldman

Diversity And Managerial Value Commitment: A Test Of Some Proposed Relationships -- 288
Willie E. Hopkins, Shirley A. Hopkins and Paul Mallette

Responsibilities In The "New Employment Relationship": An Empirical Test Of An Assumed Phenomenon -- 307
Wendy R. Boswell, Lisa M. Moynihan, Mark V. Roehling and Marcie A. Cavanaugh

Supervisory Emotional Support And Burnout: An Explanation Of Reverse Buffering Effects -- 328
Jill Kickul and Margaret Posig

Exploratory Studies

Negotiating With China: Exploratory Study Of Relationship-Building -- 345
Ji Li and Chalmer E. Labig, Jr.

An Exploratory Examination Of The Knowledge Transfer Of Strategic Management Concepts From The Academic Environment To Practicing Managers -- 360
Paul G. Simmonds, David D. Dawley, William J. Ritchie and William P. Anthony

Research Report

An Investigation Into The Inter-Relationships Of Work-Family Conflict, Family-Work Conflict And Work Satisfaction -- 376
James S. Boles, W. Gary Howard and Heather Howard Donofrio

Volume XIII Number 4 -- Winter 2001

Main Articles

An Evaluation of the Survival Model's Contribution to Thrift Institution Distress Prediction -- 401
Anthony H. Catanach, Jr. and Susan E. Perry

The Influence of Product Customization and Supplier Selection on Future Intentions: The Mediating Effects of Salesperson and Organizational Trust -- 418
Jule B. Gassenheimer and Chris Manolis

Do Supportive Organizations Make for Good Corporate Citizens? -- 436
Jennifer D. Kaufman, Christina L. Stamper and Paul E. Tesluk

Relationships Among Gender, Type of Humor, and Perceived Leader Effectiveness -- 450
Wayne H. Decker and Denise M. Rotondo

When do Feedback, Incentive Control, and Autonomy Improve Morale? The Importance of Employee-Management Relationship Closeness -- 466
D. Harrison McKnight, Sohel Ahmad and Roger G. Schroeder

Research Reports

Beyond Self-Efficacy: Interactive Effects of Role Conflict and Perceived Collective Efficacy -- 483
Kelly L. Zellars, Wayne A. Hochwarter, Pamela L. Perrewe, Angela K. Miles and Christian Kiewitz

Selecting Employees for Fit: Personality and Preferred Managerial Style -- 500
Charles D. Stevens and Ronald A. Ash

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