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Annual Index - 2000

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XII

Volume XII Number 1 -- Spring 2000

Main Articles

Socialization and Organizational Outcomes in Large Public Accounting Firms -- 13
Timothy J. Fogarty

How Different are We? An Investigation of Confucian Values in the United States -- 34
Christopher J. Robertson and James J. Hoffman

The Effectiveness of Long-Term Accounting-Based Incentive Plans -- 48
Chandra S. Mishra, David H. Gobeli and Don O. May

Employees' Attitudes Toward Fitness-For-Duty Testing -- 61
Debra R. Comer

Board Composition and Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis of the Influence of Outside Directors -- 76
Dawna L. Rhoades, Paula L. Rechner and Chamu Sundaramurthy

Research Reports

Hospital Professionals' Use of Upward Influence Tactics -- 92
Richard C. Ringer and R. Wayne Boss

Measuring Service Orientation with Biodata -- 109
Herschel N. Chait, Shawn M. Carraher and M. Ronald Buckley

Volume XII Number 2 -- Summer 2000

Main Articles

Knowledge Transfer Through Expatriation: The U-curve Approach To Overseas Staffing -- 131
Meredith Downes and Anisya S. Thomas

Relationships Between Organizational Characteristics And Strategic Planning Processes In Nonprofit Organizations -- 150
William F. Crittenden and Victoria L. Crittenden

Monitoring And Incentive Factors Influencing Misleading Disclosures -- 169
Claire Kamm Latham and Fred A. Jacobs

Free Cash Flow And Long-Run Firm Value: Evidence From The Value Line Investment Survey -- 188
Stephen C. Vogt and Joseph D. Vu

Strategic Organizational Change Within An Institutional Framework -- 208
James M. Bloodgood and J.L. Morrow, Jr.

Appropriateness Of The Stakeholder Approach To Measuring Manufacturing Performance -- 227
Derrick E. D'Souza and Fredrik P. Williams

Research Report

Evaluating Managerial Performance: Mitigating The "Outcome Effect" -- 247
Dipankar Ghosh and Manash R. Ray

Volume XII Number 3 -- Fall 2000

Main Articles

Training Motivation In Organizations: An Analysis Of Individual-Level Antecedents -- 271
Dawn S. Carlson, Dennis P. Bozeman, K. Michele Kacmar, Patrick M. Wright and Gary C. McMahan

Do Performance Plan Adoptions Improve Firm Performance? An Analysis of Nine Industries -- 288
Patricia G. Lobingier

Field Study

ABC Process-Based Capital Budgeting -- 305
Thomas J. Cook, Hugh D. Grove and Steve Coburn

Research Methodology

Surrogate Expertise Indicators of Professional Financial Analysts -- 324
James E. Hunton and Ruth Ann McEwen

Research Reports

Student and Recruiter Insights on the Importance of Job Attributes -- 337
Stephen A. Butler, D. Elaine Sanders and Stacey M. Whitecotton

Analyst Credibility: The Investor's Perspective -- 352
Jane Cote

Gender Differences in Pay Satisfaction and Pay Expectations -- 363
Timothy J. Keaveny and Edward J. Inderrieden

Volume XII Number 4 -- Winter 2000

Main Articles

Gender And Culture Diversity Occurring In Self-formed Work Groups -- 391
Dan Baugher, Andrew Varanelli, Jr.and Ellen Weisbord

The Impact Of Functional Issue Classification On Managerial Decision Processes: A Study In The Telecommunications Industry -- 408
Philip G. Bayster and Cameron M. Ford

Perceptions Of The Peer Review Program Of The Accounting Profession: Implications For Management -- 427
Pervaiz Alam, Richard C. Hoffman and Heidi Hylton Meier

Research Methodology

Cultural Assimilation And Consumption Behaviors: A Methodological Investigation -- 446
Mary Conway Dato-on

Field Study

The Changing Organizational Structure And Individual Responsibilities Of Managerial Accountants: A Case Study -- 468
Stan Davis and Tom Albright

Research Reports

Factors Related To The Organizational Commitment Of College And University Auditors -- 484
Amy E. Colbert and Ik-whan G. Kwon

Gender Differences In Weighting Of Supplier Selection Criteria -- 502
Cathy Owens Swift and Kathleen H. Gruben

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