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Annual Index - 1999

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XI

Volume XI Number 1 -- Spring 1999

Main Articles

The Impact Of Exit Questionnaire Procedures On Departing Employees' Self-Disclosures -- 13
Daniel C. Feldman and Brian S. Klaas

Predictors Of Upward Appraisal Ratings -- 26
David Antonioni

Evaluations Of Organizational Effectiveness Among HR Managers: Cues And Implications -- 37
Kelly L. Zellars and Jack Fiorito

Internship And Consulting Engagements: Management Of The University's Liability -- 56
Daniel A. Peak and Michael J. O'Hara

Personal Factors And Organizational Commitment: Main And Interactive Effects
In The United Arab Emirates
-- 77
Mohamed H.A. Abdulla and Jason D. Shaw

Research Reports

Exploring Dispatcher Communication Effectiveness: Implications For Retaining Drivers
In The Trucking Industry
-- 94
John Ozment and Scott Keller

Differences Between Stayers And Leavers Among Part-Time Workers -- 110
Kevin W. Sightler and Janet S. Adams

Volume XI Number 2 -- Summer 1999

Main Articles

Evaluating Corporate Performance: A Comparison Of The Fortune Reputation Survey And The Socrates Social Rating Database -- 137
Eugene Szwajkowski and Raymond E. Figlewicz

Transfer Pricing Strategies And Lot Sizing Decisions -- 155
Steven F. Bolander, Carl W. Gooding and William G. Mister

Meeting Management And Group Character Development -- 166
Timothy J. Kloppenborg and Joseph A. Petrick

On The Relationship Between DSS Design Characteristics And Ethical Decision Making -- 180
John R. Carlson, Dawn S. Carlson and Lori L. Wadsworth

Perceptions Of Organizational Responses To Formal Sexual Harassment Complaints -- 198
Cathy L. Z. DuBois, Gary A. Kustis, Robert H. Faley and Deborah Erdos Knapp

Selecting The Dimensions That Define Strategic Groups: A Novel Market-Driven -- 213
Mary Ellen Gordon and George R. Milne

Research Report

The Influence Of Individual Differences On Reactions To Co-Workers' Ingratiatory Behaviors -- 234
Kelly L. Zellars and K. Michelle Kacmar

Volume XI Number 3 -- Fall 1999

Main Articles

Goal Programming And International Expansion In The Hospital Industry -- 259
David D. Dawley, Marc Schniederjans, James J. Hoffman and John G. Irwin

Financial Reporting Of "Significant-Influence" Equity Investments:
Analysis And Managerial Issues
-- 280
Michael L. Davis and James A. Largay III

Balancing The Two Dimensions Of Time For Time-Based Competition -- 299
Chen H. Chung

Effective Socialization Of Employees: Socialization Content Perspective -- 315
Uzoamaka P. Anakwe and Jeffrey H. Greenhaus

The Relationship Between ISO 9000 And Business Performance:
Does Registration Really Matter?
-- 330
Bret L. Simmons and Margaret A. White

Strategic Organizational Responses To Environmental Chaos -- 344
Eonsoo Kim and John C. Mc Intosh

Research Report

An Exploratory Examination Of Gainsharing In Service Organizations: Implications For Organizational Citizenship Behavior And Pay Satisfaction -- 363
Douglas P. O'Bannon and Craig L. Pearce

Volume XI Number 4 -- Winter 1999

Main Articles

How Control In Human-Asset-Intensive Firms Differs From Physical-Asset-Intensive Firms: A Multi-Level Approach -- 389
Russell W. Coff

How Do Sales Managers Perceive Their Roles? -- 406
Rajiv Mehta, Rolph Anderson, Khalid Dubas, Alan J. Dubinsky and Sandra S. Liu

The Effect Of CEO Stock Option Grants On Shareholder Return -- 427
Emmett H. Griner

The Influence Of Organizational Structure On The Effectiveness Of TQM Programs -- 440
Jasmine Tata, Sameer Prasad and Ron Thorn

Sex Differences In Business Ethics: The Importance Of Perceptions -- 454
Maureen L. Ambrose and Marshall Schminke

The Influence Of Corporate Governance On Investor Reactions To Layoff Announcements -- 475
Richard Pouder, R. Stephen Cantrell and Subodh P. Kulkarni

Research Report

The Effects Of Family Structure On Organizational Commitment, Intention To Leave And Voluntary Turnover -- 493
Thomas W. Lee and Steven D. Maurer

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