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Annual Index - 1998

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume X

Volume X Number 1 -- Spring 1998

Main Articles

Financial Theory and Practice in the Application of TQM: The Case of IBM Rochester -- 13
Stephen P. Ferris, Randy Quint and Rajiv Sant

Shareholder Governance Proposals and Conflict of Interests Between Inside and Outside Shareholders -- 30
Chamu Sundaramurth and Douglas W. Lyon

Words and Deeds of Organizational Change 45
Peter P. Poole

Are Women Really More Ethical Than Men? Maybe It Depends on the Situation -- 60
James J. Hoffman

CVP Analysis: A New Look -- 74
James O. Horrigan, Flora Guidry and Cathy Craycraft

Toward a Model for Relating Executive Career Experiences and Firm Performance -- 86
Lisa A. Burke and H. Kevin Steensma

Research Reports

Parent-Country National Selection for the Maquiladora Industry in Mexico: Results of a Pilot Study -- 103
Mary A. Gowan and Carlos Luis Gonzalez Ochoa

Volume X Number 2 -- Summer 1998

Main Articles

Organizational And Economic Explanations Of Audit Committee Oversight -- 129
Lawrence P. Kalbers and Timothy J. Fogarty

The Effect Of Audit Firm Mergers On Audit Delay -- 151
Janice E. Lawrence and Hubert D. Glover

The Relationship Of Customer Satisfaction To Strategic Decisions -- 165
Fred A. Jacobs, Claire Kamm Latham and Choongseop Lee

Schools Of Thought In And Against Total Quality -- 183
Hélenè Giroux and Sylvain Landry

The Influence Of Tacit Knowledge And Collective Mind On Strategic Planning -- 204
Erich N. Brockmann and William P. Anthony

Cross-Sectional Differences In Corporate Compensation Structures -- 223
Harry A. Newman and James W. Bannister

Research Report

Examining The Role Of Service Quality In Overall Service Satisfaction -- 240
Jo Ann M. Duffy and Alice Ketchand

Volume X Number 3 -- Fall 1998

Main Articles

The Effect Of Deviations From Optimal Production Schedules On Batch-Level Cost Drivers -- 267
Thomas L. Albright

Reconsidering Organizational Structure: A Dual Perspective Of Frameworks And Processes -- 287
Molly Inhofe Rapert and Brent M. Wren

A Multi-Dimensional Study Of Trust In Organizations -- 303
Robert D. Costigan, Selim S. Ilter and J. Jason Berman

Advertising Decision Making In Asia: AGlocal@ Versus ARegcal@ Approach -- 318
Susan H.C. Tai and Y.H. Wong

Pressures For Change In Environmental Auditing And In The Role Of The Internal Auditor -- 340
Robert R. Tucker and Janet Kasper

Toward Validation Of Partner Goal Achievement As A Measure Of Joint Venture Performance -- 355
Louise Hatfield, John A. Pearce II, Randall G. Sleeth, and Michael W. Pitts

Research Methodology

On The Advisability Of Using CEOs As The Sole Informant In Strategy Research -- 373
Mark Sharfman

Volume X Number 4 -- Winter 1998

Main Articles

The Socialization Of Expatriate Interns -- 403
Daniel C. Feldman, William R. Folks and William H. Turnley

Evaluating And Interpreting The Effectiveness Of End-User Interest Rate Derivative Disclosures -- 419
Jonathan E. Duchac

The Impact Of The Regulatory Environment And Corporate Level Diversification On Firm Performance -- 439
Scott W. Geiger and James J. Hoffman

Developing Corporate Codes Of Ethics In Multinational Firms: Bhopal Revisited -- 454
Chris Robertson and Paul A. Fadil

The Effects Of Organizational Stability And Leadership Structure On Firm Performance -- 469
Uma V. Sridharan and Caron H. St. John

Research Reports

Employee Involvement And Market Orientation In A Transition Economy: Importance, Problems And A Solution -- 485
James H. Martin, Beth Ann Martin and Bruno Grbac

An Exploration Of Empowerment And Organizational Memory -- 503
Jeffrey J. Johnson and David J. Paper

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