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Annual Index - 1997

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume IX

Volume IX Number 1 -- Spring 1997

Main Articles

Understanding Competitive Interactions: The U.S. Commercial Aircraft Market -- 13
Richard A. Klavans, C. Anthony Di Benedetto and Melanie J. Prudom

Responses To Sexual Harassment: The Effect Of Perspective -- 37
Carol T. Kulik, Elissa L. Perry and James M. Schmidtke

Synergy From A To Z, ABC To ZZB -- 54
Arnold Barkman

The Control Of Strategy In Dynamic Versus Stable Environments -- 72
Mark K. Fiegener

Strategic Planning In Third-Sector Organizations -- 86
William F. Crittenden and Victoria L. Crittenden

Research Reports

The Effect Of Individual Differences On Technological Training -- 104
K. Michele Kacmar, Patrick M. Wright and Gary C. McMahan

The Effect Of "Inner" And "Outer" TMT Size On The Performance Of International Firms -- 121
James J. Hoffman, Richard A. Lheureux and Bruce T. Lamont

Volume IX Number 2 -- Summer 1997
Feature Consulting Article

Doing Business in Foreign Markets: Keys For Success of the Small Business Firm -- 145
John R. Darling, Henry L. Crouch and Frederic B. Kraft

Main Articles

Job and Organizational Characteristics, Accountability, and Employee Influence -- 162
Gerald R. Ferris, James H. Dulebohn, Dwight D. Frink, Jane George-Falvy, Terence R. Mitchell and Linda M. Matthews

Patterns of Growth and Specialization in the Executive Search Industry -- 176
Daniel C. Feldman, Harry J. Sapienza and Mark C. Bolino

The Impact of Functional Classification Schema on Managerial Decision Processes -- 187
Philip G. Bayster and Cameron M. Ford

A Comparative Analysis of Organizational Commitment Between Workers in the United States and Russia -- 204
Dr. Aaron A. Buchko, Dr. Laurence G. Weinzimmer and Dr. Alexander V. Sergeyev

Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Impact of Rewards and Reward Practices -- 216
Mel Schnake and Michael P. Dumler

Research Report

Dual Class Plans and Unequal Voting Rights Plans: A Managerial Choice -- 230
Uma V. Sridharan

Volume IX Number 3 -- Fall 1997

Main Articles

Managing Emotions in the Workplace -- 257
J. Andrew Morris and Daniel C. Feldman

Toward an Understanding of Loyalty: The Moderating Role of Trust -- 275
Simeon Chow and Reed Holden

CEO Perecptions of Strategic Leadership -- 299
E. Frank Harrison and Monique A. Pelletier

Economic Value Added (EVATM): An Empirical Examination of a New Corporate Performance Measure -- 318
Shimin Chen and James L. Dodd

The Relationship Between Generic and Time-Based Strategies and Performance -- 334
Brad Wagner and Lester Digman

Research Reports

Women in Management and Firm Financial Performance: An Exploratory Study -- 355
Charles B. Shrader, Virginia L. Blackburn and Paul Iles

Age Bias in Assessment Center Ratings -- 373
Maria Maciejczyk Clapham and Mark D. Fulford

Volume IX Number 4 -- Winter 1997

Main Articles

Assessing the Validity of Market Segments Using Conjoint Analysis -- 399
Giles D'Souza and Seungoog Weun

Strategic Orientation And Customer Dependency In Discontinuously Changing Environments: A Study Of The Defense Industry -- 419
J.B. Arbaugh and Donald L. Sexton

Maintenance: Modeling Its Strategic Impact -- 440
Lawrence D. Fredendall, J. Wayne Patterson, William J. Kennedy and Tom Griffin

Strategic Decision Making: The Influence Of CEO Experience And Use Of Tacit Knowledge -- 454
Erich N. Brockmann and Paul G. Simmonds

The Ethical Imperative To Provide Recruits Realistic Job Previews -- 468
M. Ronald Buckley, Donald B. Fedor, Shawn M. Carraher, Dwight D. Frink and David Marvin

The Agency Problem And The Management Of Closed-End Funds: Managerialism And Its Impact On Expense Ratios -- 485
Matthew A. Walker

Research Report

Does Antitakeover Protection Reduce Myopic Managerial Investment Behavior? -- 497
Mark A. Johnson and Ramesh P. Rao

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