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The Polymer Chemistry Initiative

Dr. Petar Dvornic
Polymer Chemistry Initiative at Pittsburg State University is an educational and research program offering to qualifying students Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Polymer Chemistry. Graduates will possess skills necessary to assume leadership positions in polymer-related industries, as well as to have increased chances of qualifying for acceptance into complimentary Ph.D. programs in leading institutions and universities nationally and abroad.

PSU launches major new polymer chemistry initiative

“With polymers, you can make this table,” Petar Dvornic said, slapping the hard surface for emphasis. “You can make the window. You can make the walls. Polymers taken away from our daily lives would be a catastrophe. Buildings would fall. There would be no cars or airplanes, no clothing, no computers, no food industry..."   continue reading >>

New polymer science degrees offer better opportunities for students

A new degree program at Pittsburg State University is the only one offered in the region. The Kansas legislature and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback are supporting the initiative that has the potential to make PSU a center for excellence in polymer science education, research and economic development.  continue reading >>

It's an initiative that's been three years in the making

It’s an initiative that’s been three years in the making and it’s now about to take full effect tin the fall of 2014. PSU’s Polymer Science Initiative will enroll its first students this year, offering a new bachelor’s degree program.  

Polymers are material built of large molecules that are composed of one or more types of structural building blocks which repeat many times along their structure. Petar Dvornic, Ph.D., chairman of Pittsburg State University’s Department of Chemistry, says that PSU’s new polymer chemistry initiative is an academic program that he hopes will create polymer chemists for high-value jobs in industry and research.  continue reading >>

New polymer program gets strength from subparts

When Pittsburg State University combined elements from the chemistry department at the College of Arts and Sciences, the plastics engineering technology program in the College of Technology and the Kansas Polymer Research Center, then added cutting-edge researchers as faculty, the resulting new degree programs for polymer chemistry essentially took on a synergic equation similar to those of the polymers students soon will study.  continue reading >>

PSU makes Southeast Kansas one of the only areas in the nation where polymer science can be studied at an undergraduate level

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Polymer Chemistry Initiative
at Pittsburg State University

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