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The O'Malley Prairies

For more information: Background of the O'Malley Prairies (PDF)

About the Grounds

The O’Malley properties are two small parcels of land near the Monahan Outdoor Education Center. Both contain postage-stamp prairies that are botanically diverse for their size, as well as adjacent woodlands.

O’Malley West is next to the eastern edge of the Monahan Outdoor Education Center, also managed by the Department of Biology. The unnamed tributary that leaves the Monahan skirts the southern edge of the west O’Malley woodland.

O’Malley East is a triangular property that abuts two county roads and an abandoned railroad line. A small wooded wetland is located next to the rail line.

Current Use

These properties have been used for “Plant Taxonomy” and “Summer Flora” for plant identification and in “Soil Ecology” for soil and invertebrate sampling and analysis. An undergraduate Honors Project was conducted that collected and identified plants from the two prairies. The properties have also been used in “Terrestrial Field Ecology” for line transects and land snails have been collected from the grassed area of O’Malley East.

There is no active management plan at this time. The parcels have been intermittently mowed or burned over the years.