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Department of Biology
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Joseph A. Arruda, Professor of Environmental Biology.[Ph.D., Kansas State University]

  • Specialties: limnology, water quality and biological monitoring and assessment, land snails

  • Advising Areas: environmental science, ecology, invertebrate zoology, marine biology

  • Heckert Wells 323 / voice: (620)235-4738 / e-mail

  • web site


Peter Chung, Associate Professor of Microbiology.[Ph.D., Kansas State University]

  • Specialties: microbiology, molecular biology (nucleic acid manipulation and protein expression systems in microbes and coccidia), tissue culture

  • Advising Areas: pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-optometry, pre-physical therapy, microbiology, medical technology

  • Heckert Wells 303 / voice: (620)235-4736 / e-mail



James T. Dawson, Professor of Botany[Ph.D., University of Kentucky]

  • Specialties: algology, plant physiology, medical mycology

  • Advising Areas: pre-dental, pre-medical, botany

  • Heckert Wells 223 / voice: (620)235-4734 / e-mail


Cynthia S. Ford, Professor of Biology.[Ph.D., Kansas State University]

  • Specialties: natural history, parasitology, environmental education, biological illustration

  • Advising Areas: natural history, ecological restoration, pre-pt

  • Heckert Wells 321 / voice:(620)235-4728 / e-mail


Steven D. Ford, Professor of Zoology.[Ph.D., Purdue University]

  • Specialties: vertebrate zoology, mammalogy, ornithology, ecology, wildlife management, anatomy 

  • Advising Areas: wildlife biology and conservation, zoology, ecology 

  • Heckert Wells 330 / voice: (620)235-4745 / e-mail


David M. Gordon, Associate Professor of Entomology.[Ph.D., University of California at Davis]

  • Specialties: ecology of bees: native bee faunas; medical entomology: ecology of phlebotomine sand flies in SE Kansas

  • Advising Areas: pre-medical, pre-veterinary, pre-optometry, pre-forestry, entomology 

  • Heckert Wells 325 / voice: (620)235-4735  / e-mail

  • Web site | Alternate Pollinators | Pyemotes Mystery Bites


Phillip Harries, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology. [Ph.D. Washington University]

  • Specialties: plant viruses, cellular and molecular biology of plants

  • Advising Areas: pre-medical, cell and molecular biology  

  • Heckert Wells 205 / voice: (620)235-4864 / e-mail

  • Web site


Hermann Nonnenmacher, Assistant Professor of Biology. [Ph.D., Saint Louis University]

  • Specialties: plant ecology, entomology

  • Advising Areas: pre-physical therapy 

  • Heckert Wells 306 / voice: (620)235-4834 / e-mail


Mandy Peak, Assistant Professor of Biology. [Ph.D., Oklahoma Health Sciences Center]

  • Specialties: molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry

  • Advising Areas: pre-pt, pre-medical, cell and molecular biology

  • HW 203 / voice: (620)235-6541 / e-mail


Virginia Rider, University Professor .[Ph.D., Arizona State University]

  • Specialties: gene regulation, reproductive physiology, implantation, mammalian oocyte maturation 

  • Advising Areas: pre-medical, pre-veterinary medicine

  • Heckert Wells 213 / voice: (620)235-4739 / e-mail


Neal Schmidt, Instructor.[D. Pharmacy, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center]

  • Specialties: anatomy and physiology

  • Advising Areas: pre-pt, pre-medical 

  • Heckert Wells 304 / voice: (620)235-4737 / e-mail


Dixie L. Smith, Associate Professor of Biology, Chairperson.[Ph.D., Kansas State University]

  • Specialties: soil ecology, grassland ecology, woodland expansion, science education

  • Advising Areas: secondary education 

  • Heckert Wells 220 / voice: (620)235-4741 / e-mail


Neil Snow, Assistant Professor of Botany and Director, T. M. Sperry Herbarium. [Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis]

  • Specialties: plant systematics, plant identification, herbarium management

  • Advising Areas:botany, field biology and ecology

  • Heckert Wells 302 / voice: (620)235-4424 / e-mail

  • Web site


James R. Triplett, University Professor.[Ph.D., University of Kansas]

  • Specialties: ichthyology, fisheries management, aquaculture, natural resource conflict management

  • Advising Areas: pre-fisheries, aquaculture, marine biology

  • Heckert Wells 205 / voice: (620)235-4730 / e-mail


Xiaolu Wu, Assistant Professor of Biology.[Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago]

  • Specialties: cell and molecular biology, virology

  • Advising Areas: pre-medical, microbiology

  • Heckert Wells 322 / voice: 620.235.4036 / e-mail


Daniel Zurek, Professor of Biology. [Ph.D., University of California - San Diego]

  • Specialties: cellular and molecular biology, biotechnology, and plant molecular physiology.

  • Advising Areas:pre-medical, cell and molecular, biotechnology

  • Heckert Wells 222 / voice:(620)235-4746 / e-mail



Kelly Borden, Administrative Specialist

  • Specialties: budgets, purchasing, filing, fixing copier machines, phone, email, fax, everything important

  • Heckert Wells 223 / voice: (620)235-4731 / e-mail


Kim Grissom, Storekeeper

  • Specialties: chemical stores, inventory, ordering

  • Heckert Wells 312 / voice: (620)235-4742 / e-mail


Delia Lister, Director, Nature Reach

  • Specialties: natural history education

  • Heckert Wells 329 / voice:(620)235-4727 / e-mail

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