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Center for the Arts Becoming a Reality at PSU

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Proposed Fine and Performing Arts Center

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Gallery Director Contact

Gallery Director:
S. Portico Bowman

Phone: 620-235-4305


Department of Art
109 Porter Hall
Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762


    When you really think about your hand you begin to realize its connection, to sense the hum of your own being passing through it. When we look at a piece of the universe we should feel the same.

                                         ~ Canadian painter, Emily Carr, 1871-1945

We’ve been bipedaling on this planet for a while now, pushing time through the eye of the needle, carrying our stories from one generation to the next while we’ve learned how to speak, throw stones, build bridges and send email to the grandchildren.  “When did it all begin?” we ask over and over and over again, and each generation has a different answer.  “When will it all end?” and each generation has a different answer.  What then do we have in common with the beginning of time and maybe the end of time but the language of art.  The unlimited transcendent arc of unbroken communication between all homo sapiens is possible because art and all true knowledge is at some level trans-verbal. 

The galleries at Pittsburg State University exist as a testimony to the art department’s commitment to sharing with our students and the community the demonstrable communicative power of art. We immerse everyone who enters Porter Hall into the artistic voices of those who exhibit with us throughout the gallery season from the end of August to mid-May. There are two professional galleries on the first floor and a student gallery on the second floor.  As often as possible we invite the artists who show with us to visit the campus and share through public lectures and receptions an in depth view into what inspires them to make art. Meeting the people who make the art we are living with is of immeasurable benefit to our students.

If you are in the area please stop by in person, or if you are only able to visit on-line be sure to look through the archives of past exhibitors, current exhibitions, and some of the juried exhibits we have been privileged to host.  If you are interested in a tour, or more information about our next lecture, or Family Art Night and can’t find what you are looking for through these web pages feel free to call 620-235-4305, or email sbowman@pittstate.edu.

Thank you for visiting!

S. Portico Bowman, M.F.A.
Gallery Director
Associate Professor of Art



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