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Graduate Programs

The Department of Teaching and Leadership offers a wide selection of Graduate Programs which are fully accredited by CAEP and the Kansas State Department of Education. These programs meet a variety of needs for educators already in the field or those who are looking for an alternative route to earning a teaching license. Most of the programs lead to licensure and/or an endorsement to a teaching license. The programs are delivered online only.

The Graduate Programs in the Department of Teaching and Leadership are designed to help professional educators expand their knowledge of skills in professionalism, effective communication, leadership, best teaching practices, and assessments, learning opportunities for all, integration of technology, and effective research within the educational environment.

Program Options

Option I: Thesis

This option is designed to prepare students for a doctoral program, for advanced professional careers, or for students wanting to complete an in-depth research experience.

Option II: Research Problem

This option is designed to provide a research experience that can include a specific problem, creative and aesthetic efforts such as performances, exhibits, or creative programs, or an internship.

Option III: Course Work

This option requires completion of course work that demonstrates evidence of advanced course work in an area of concentration. Departments will require evidence of competency through activities such as research papers, portfolios, practice, internships, comprehensive exams or other individual work. Students should check with their major department for specific requirements for the coursework.

Graduate Programs:

*All graduate programs are ONLINE and do not require on-campus courses. 

Master of Arts:

Teaching Secondary (Alternative Licensure Program)
Teaching Special Education (Alternative Licensure Program)

Master of Science:

Educational Leadership
Educational Technology: Library Media or Technology Integration Specialist
Reading: Classroom Reading Teacher or Reading Specialist 
School Health
Special Education Teaching

Specialist Degree in Advanced Studies (EdS):

Leadership: General School Administration
Leadership: Special Education
University of Arkansas Partnership: EdS to EdD Leadership Program