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Gladys A. Kelce College of Business

Office of the Dean
Department of Accounting & Computer Information Systems
Department of Economics, Banking & Finance
Department of Management & Marketing

*All offices are located in the Kelce College of Business unless otherwise noted.


Office of the Dean

Paul Grimes Paul W. Grimes, Ph.D, Dean
Professor of Economics &
The American Economist Editor 101C 620-235-4590
Din Cortes Bienvenido Cortes, Ph.D., Associate Dean
MBA Director, University Professor of Economics
Journal of Managerial Issues Editor 101B 620-235-4594
Mimi Morrison Mimi Morrison
Senior Administrative Specialist 101 620-235-4591
Suzanne Hurt Suzanne Hurt, MA
Coordinator of Academic Advising 102 620-235-4596
Kylie Edgecomb Kylie Edgecomb
Instructional Support Consultant 117BHH 620-235-6171
Chris Fleury Chris Fleury
Senior Technical Support Consultant 216 620-235-4873
Holly Kent Holly Kent
Director of Development for the College of Business 211 Shirk Annex 620-235-6096

Accounting & Computer Information Systems

Peter Rosen
Peter Rosen, Ph.D.
Chair 223A 620-235-4089
Mary Scimeca Mary Scimeca
Administrative Specialist 223 620-235-4561
Rebecca Casey Rebecca Casey, MBA
Instructor 201F 620-235-4084
Jai Choi Jae Choi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 223C 620-235-4541
Maeve Cummings Maeve Cummings, Ph.D.
University Professor 223B 620-235-4543
Jack Fay Jack Fay, Ph.D.
Professor 201G 620-235-4567
David O'Bryan David O'Bryan, Ph.D.
University Professor 206B 620-235-4566
Mary Polfer Mary Polfer, MBA
Instructor 201E 620-235-4076
Theresa Presley Theresa Presley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 223D 620-235-6031
Wei Sha

Wei Sha, Ph.D.  
Associate Professor 223E 620-235-4542
Dwight Strong Dwight Strong, MBA
Instructor 223K 620-235-4540
Gail Yarick Gail Yarick, MBA
Instructor 201D 620-235-4563

Economics, Finance & Banking

Kevin Bracker Kevin Bracker, Ph.D.
Interim Chair/Professor 211B 620-235-4550 and
Irene Robinson Irene Robinson
Administrative Specialist 211 620-235-4547
Michael Davidsson Michael Davidsson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 114 620-235-4592
Chuck Fischer Charles Fischer, Ph.D.
Professor 211H 620-235-4546
June Freund June Freund, Ph.D.
Instructor 211F 620-235-4552
Anil Lal Anil Lal, Ph.D.
Professor 212 620-235-4549
Fang Lin Fang Lin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 211A 620-235-4564
Michael McKinnis, MBA
Instructor 211G 620-235-6575
Connie Shum, DBA
Professor 202 620-235-4568

Management & Marketing

Lynn Murray Lynn Murray, Ph.D.
Interim Chair/Associate Professor 110C 620-235-4586
Paula Palmer Paula Palmer
Administrative Specialist 110 620-235-4588
Don Baack Donald Baack, Ph.D.
University Professor 110I 620-235-4583
Linden Dalecki Linden Dalecki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 201J 620-235-6581
Art Fischer Arthur Fischer, Ph.D.
Professor 110F 620-235-4580
Chris Fogliosso Chris Fogliasso, J.D.
University Professor 211C 620-235-6010
Eric Harris Eric Harris, Ph.D.
Professor, Esch Family Faculty Fellow,
College Director of Research & Engagement, &
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Managerial Issues 101E 620-235-4575
Steven Horner Stephen Horner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 110J 620-235-4585
Choong Lee Choong Lee, Ph.D.
University Professor 110G 620-235-4587
Sang Lee Sang-Heui Lee, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 110N 620-235-4597
Kristen Maceli Kristen Maceli, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 223J 620-235-4571
Shipra Paul Shipra Paul, MBA
Instructor 110K 620-235-4548
Jeff Poe Jeff Poe
Executive in Residence 110E 620-235-4582
Jay Van Wyk Jay Van Wyk, Ph.D
Professor 110D 620-235-4579
Mary Wachter Mary Wachter, MBA
Instructor 223F 620-235-4535