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Speak up!

Is there a campus issue bothering you? Is there something you would like to say about what is going on at PSU? SGA was organized "for the students and by the students," so your concerns are very important to us. Any issues that can be addressed by Student Government can be answered at our office at the Overman Student Center Crossroads Section, in Room 111, email us at, or call 620.235.4810 or 620.235.4802.

May students attend the SGA meetings? Yes, any student currently enrolled at Pittsburg State University may attend the weekly meetings.

Can a student speak at a Student Government meeting? At each meeting of the Student Government Association, there is an announced segment for "Student Opinion." Any student of Pittsburg State University or group thereof may come and voice their issue during this time. If you wish to speak after this reserved Student Time, a senator must give their time to you and you must be recognized by the Vice President.

What does Student Government do for the students of Pittsburg State University? The Student Government Association represents the voice of the student body of PSU to the faculty, local government, state government, and anyone else whose interests might affect PSU's students. Programs such as Scantrons, Safe Ride, GUS BUS, Pitt Points, and the Collegiate Readership Program, and the Pepsico Dream Machine, just to name a few, began with Student Government initiatives.