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Annual Index - 2005

Journal of Managerial Issues

Index - Volume XVII

Volume XVII Number 1 -- Spring 2005

Main Articles

Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Profitability, and the Treatment of Acquisition Spending -- 11
Phillip E. Pfeifer, Mark E. Haskins and Robert M. Conroy

Perceptions of Organizational Politics and Cooperation as Moderators of the Relationship Between Job Strains and Intent to Turnover -- 26
Kenneth J. Harris, Matrecia James and Ranida Boonthanom

Employee Loyalty as Adherence to Shared Moral Values -- 43
Richard Coughlan

Post-hire Human Resource Management Practices and Person-organization Fit: A Study of Blue-collar Employees -- 58
Chad W. Autry and Anthony R. Wheeler

Implementing JIT Purchasing: Does the Level of Technical Complexity in the Production Process Make a Difference? -- 76
Hale Kaynak

Antecedents to Internal Auditor Burnout -- 101
Lawrence P. Kalbers and Timothy J. Fogarty

Research Methodology

A Multi-level Model of Group Cognitive Style in Strategic Decision Making -- 119
Nancy H. Leonard, Laura L. Beauvais and Richard W. Scholl

Volume XVII Number 2 -- Summer 2005

Main Articles

Business Unit Manager Influence on Corporate-level Strategy Formulation -- 147
Andrew Watson and Bill Wooldridge

The "What" in Top Management Group Conflict: The Effects of Organizational Issue Interpretation on Conflict Among Hospital Decision Makers -- 162
Christopher L. Shook, G. Tyge Payne and Kathleen E. Voges

Spanning Boundaries and Borders: Toward Understanding the Cultural Dimensions of Team Boundary Spanning -- 178
Timothy D. Golden and John F. Veiga

Creditors' Use of Operating Cash Flows: An Experimental Study -- 198
Mary F. Allen and Jane Cote

The Impact of Aging on Self-efficacy and Computer Skill Acquisition -- 212
Kendra Reed, D. Harold Doty and Douglas R. May

The Distributive Side of Interactional Justice: The Effects of Interpersonal Treatment on Emotional Arousal -- 229
Mary D. Stecher and Joseph G. Rosse

Predicting Workplace Deviance from the Interaction between Organizational Justice and Personality -- 247
Christine A. Henle

Volume XVII Number 3 -- Fall 2005

Main Articles

Psychological Influences on Referent Choice -- 273
Bonnie S. O'Neill and Mark A. Mone

What is Fair and to Whom? Fairness Evaluations of Socio-Sexual Behavior -- 293
Lucy L. Gilson, Donald B. Fedor and Jonelle L. Roth

The Role of Affect- and Cognition-based Trust in Complex Knowledge Sharing -- 310
Sanjib Chowdhury

The Impact of High Performance Work Practices on Industry-Level Outcomes -- 327
Kyle W. Luthans and Steven M. Sommer

Do Motivation and Equity Ownership Matter in Board of Directors' Evaluation of CEO Performance -- 346
Paula Silva

Exploratory Studies

Organizational Punishment from the Manager's Perspective: An Exploratory Study -- 363
Kenneth D. Butterfield, Linda Klebe Treviño, Kim J. Wade and Gail A. Ball

The Influence of a Continuous Learning Environment on Peer Mentoring Behaviors -- 383
Erik R. Eddy, Scott I. Tannenbaum, Steven J. Lorenzet and Kimberly A. Smith-Jentsch

Volume XVII Number 4 -- Winter 2005

Main Articles

The Impact of Board Monitoring and Involvement on Top Management Team Affective Conflict -- 405
Ann K. Buchholtz, Allen C. Amason and Matthew A. Rutherford

Perception of Foreignness: Benefit or Liability? -- 423
Gary S. Insch and Stewart R. Miller

An Examination of Organizational Predictors of Mentoring Functions -- 439
Regina M. O'Neill

Women's Perceptions of Organizational Culture, Work Attitudes, and Role-modeling Behaviors -- 461
Kathryn E. Jandeska and Maria L. Kraimer

Top Management Team Tenure and Corporate Illegal Activity: The Moderating Influence of Board Size -- 479
Robert J. Williams, Paul A. Fadil and Robert W. Armstrong

A Meta-analysis of the Effects of Executive and Institutional Ownership on Firm Performance -- 494
Chamu Sundaramurthy, Dawna L. Roades and Paula L. Rechner

Exploratory Studies

First-order Economizing: Organizational Adaptation and the Elimination of Waste in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry -- 511
Bryan D. Key, Richard Reed and David A. Sclar

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