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PSU KNEA Contact

President: Browyn Conrad

Phone: 620-235-4333
Office: 316 Russ Hall

Mailing Address:

Pittsburg State University
1701 S. Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762


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PSU/KNEA Officers and Committees
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Officers and Committee Membership 2013-2014


Executive Committee Members
(officers, delegates, alternates)

Browyn Conrad, President 2013-2014 bconrad@pittstate.edu
Janis Schiefelbein, 1st Vice President 2013-2014 jschiefelbein@pittstate.edu
Grant Moss, 2nd Vice President 2013-2014 gmoss@pittstate.edu
Jeremy Wade, Secretary* 2013-2015 jwade@pittstate.edu
Susan Johns-Smith, Treasurer 2013-2015 sjohnssmith@pittstate.edu
Phil Rudd, Parliamentarian 2013-2015 prudd@pittstate.edu
Phil Rudd, Delegate, KNEA-RA 2013-2015 prudd@pittstate.edu
Grant Moss, Delegate, KNEA-RA 2013-2015 gmoss@pittstate.edu
Browyn Conrad, UNISERV Delegate 2013-2015 bconrad@pittstate.edu
Janis Schiefelbein, UNISERV Delegate 2013-2015 jschiefelbein@pittstate.edu
Ananda Jawardhana, Immediate Past President 2013-2015 ajawardhana@pittstate.edu
Jeremy Wade 2013-2015 jwade@pittstate.edu


Bargaining Council
(10 elected; 5 appointed)

Don Judd 2012-2014 djudd@pittstate.edu
Paul Zagorski 2012-2014 pzagorski@pittstate.edu
Earl Lee 2012-2014 elee@pittstate.edu
Janis Schiefelbein 2012-2014 jschiefelbein@pittstate.edu
Mark Johnson 2012-2014 mjohnson@pittstate.edu
Ananda Jayawardhana 2013-2015 ajayawardhana@pittstate.edu
Grant Moss 2013-2015 gmoss@pittstate.edu
Serif Uran 2013-2015 suran@pittstate.edu
Browyn Conrad 2013-2015 bconrad@pittstate.edu
Jeremy Wade 2013-2015 jwade@pittstate.edu


Bargaining Team

Mark Johnson, Spokesperson appointed mjohnson@pittstate.edu
Kenny McDougle appointed kmcdougle@pittstate.edu
Bob Kehle appointed rkehle@pittstate.edu
Browyn Conrad appointed bconrad@pittstate.edu
Ananda Jayawardhana appointed ajayawardhana@pittstate.edu


Grievance Committee
(6 members, 3-yr term, 2 per yr)

Tim Bailey 2013-2016 tbailey@pittstate.edu
John Daley 2013-2016 jdaley@pittstate.edu
Earl Lee 2012-2015 elee@pittstate.edu
Harry Humphries 2012-2015 hhumphries@pittstate.edu
Barb McClaskey 2011-2014 bmcclaskey@pittstate.edu
Kent Runyon 2011-2014 krunyan@pittstate.edu


Membership Committee
(3 members, 2-yr term, even yrs)

Grant Moss, Chair 2012-2013 gmoss@pittstate.edu
Harry Humphries 2010-2012 hhumphries@pittstate.edu
Bob Kehle 2010-2012 rkehle@pittstate.edu
Susan Johns-Smith 2010-2012 sjohnssmith@pittstate.edu


* Constitution indicates elections in odd years