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The Great Gorilla Tour

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We're taking the ultimate road trip . . . to see YOU!

On May 14, Gus Gorilla and Alumni & Constituent Relations Director Jon Bartlow are hitting the road to bring a piece of Pittsburg State University to you. 

During our first ever "Great Gorilla Tour" we'll visit alumni in eight cities that we don't often have the opportunity to visit. We will host an alumni engagement event each day starting on May 15. The Gorilla Gatherings will feature dinner, campus updates, #GorillaGear giveaways and more! 

Please join us and help us reconnect with you ... our fellow Gorillas! 

Also, be sure to follow us on social media before, during, and after the Great Gorilla Tour for pictures, video, and more fun stuff! 

Great Gorilla Tour Stops

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Schedule & Hosts

Monday, May 15, Austin – Gorilla Gathering Lunch
Monday, May 15, San Antonio – Gorilla Gathering Dinner
Tuesday, May 16, Houston – Gorilla Gathering Dinner

Wednesday, May 17, New Orleans – Gorilla Gathering After Hours

Thursday, May 18, Tampa – Gorilla Gathering Dinner
Friday, May 19, Orlando – Gorilla Gathering Dinner

Saturday, May 20, Atlanta – Gorilla Gathering Dinner

Sunday, May 21, Nashville – Gorilla Gathering Dinner


Jon Bartlow

Alumni & Constituent Relations Director

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