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The Political Science Program

At Pittsburg State University

Political science majors gain a wide breadth of knowledge about government and politics, from the U.S. government to governments around the world; from political philosophy to current policy; from local governance to international relations; from legal institutions to military conflict.

Our majors develop research and critical thinking skills to prepare them for any number of career paths that intersect with government, whether that career involves working for the government as a public servant, seeking public office as an elected official, or in the private sector in one of the many ways it interacts with government.

Many of our students pursue a graduate education after PSU, in either political science, a number of policy areas, or in public administration. Furthermore, our recent pre-law emphasis majors have been successfully admitted to a large number of law schools, including nearby institutions, such as Kansas, Missouri, Washburn, and UMKC, and further away law schools, like Emory, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, and Oregon.