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The Midwest Student Exchange Program

The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is a tuition discount program designed to improve access for non-resident students to attend Pittsburg State University. Students who have been selected to receive the MSEP discount will be charged 150% of resident tuition rates for specific academic programs.

A student who is a resident of one of the following states may be eligible for the tuition discount:

North Dakota

Other eligibility requirements include:

INCOMING FRESHMEN - Applicants must have a minimum 21 ACT/980 SAT and at least a 2.5 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) in the Kansas Regents' Pre-College Curriculum.

The Kansas Regents' Pre-College Curriculum consists of:

• 4 units of English
• 4 units of Mathematics (Nothing below Algebra I will be accepted), or 3 units with one of the following:  22 Math ACT score or a transferable 3 credit hour course in College Algebra.
• 3 units of Natural Science (One unit must be in Chemistry or Physics)
• 3 units of Social Science
• 3 units of Electives (English, Math, Natural Sciences, Social Science, Fine Arts, Computer/Information Systems, Foreign Languages, Personal Finance, Speech, Debate, Forensics, Journalism, and Career Technical Education)

INCOMING TRANSFER STUDENTS (minimum of 24 non-concurrent credit hours) - Applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative college GPA (on a 4.0 scale).

Incoming freshmen and transfer students must also major in the one of the following areas to receive the Midwest Student Exchange:

• Automotive Technology
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Communication
• Construction Management
• Construction Engineering Technology
• Electronic Engineering Technology
• English
• Exercise Science
• Family and Consumer Sciences
• Geography
• Graphic Communications Management
• History
• Justice Studies
• Music
• Physics
• Plastics Engineering Technology
• Political Science
• Recreation
• Sociology
• Technology and Engineering Education
• Wood Technology

The awarding criteria are based upon the student's identified major as part of the MSEP; meeting established awarding criteria, and status as a resident of one of the states listed above. MSEP recipients must be newly admitted non-resident freshmen or transfer students assessed non-resident tuition rates.


The MSEP tuition discount will expire after four years of undergraduate study or upon earning an undergraduate degree; whichever occurs first. MSEP recipients must maintain a major within the list of MSEP majors, maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative college GPA, be assessed non-resident tuition and maintain full-time enrollment.

To Apply for MSEP

Submit the application for admission and pay the $30 application fee. In addition, submit ACT scores and a partial high school transcript. Transfer students should have transcripts sent from all previously attended institutions. Once these documents are received and it is determined that a student meets the MSEP criteria, the student will be accepted to the program. If a student feels they qualify for MSEP, but has not received notification of acceptance, he/she may call the Office of Admission at 1-800-854-PITT (7488) for more information.

For detailed cost of attending estimates see Tuition and Fees.