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About the Honors College

The primary mission of the Honors College is to provide a more meaningful educational experience for select superior students. The Honors College curriculum at the freshman-sophomore level offers intellectually stimulating general education courses. The junior-senior level Honors College students become integrated into the Departmental Academic Honors program.

First and foremost, the Honors College at Pittsburg State University has the goal of not only attracting high-quality applicants, but also of retaining them as high-achieving students until graduation.

A second goal is to provide educationally enriched experiences (reflected both in and out of the classroom) for the members of PSU's Honors College.

A third goal is to provide a socially responsive, supportive environment to the students in the Honors College whereby members feel personally connected to others throughout the college.

A final goal is to promote a sound start for incoming freshmen. Freshmen begin bonding from the beginning through overnight orientation experiences (including team-building activities), enrollment in an Honors Freshmen Experience course, and completion of a community service requirement.

Graduating Class of 2015

The Honors College is only open for Incoming Freshmen students.  Transfer Students should contact the Office of Admission about the Transfer Scholars Program.