Majors, Minors, and Programs

Undergraduate Majors, Minors, and Programs

The academic programs offered at Pittsburg State combine quality and choice to help you prepare for a rewarding career and a fulfilling life.

Find the right major. Explore which of Pitt State’s 150+ undergraduate academic programs would be a good fit for you.

Program nameDegreeMajorMinorEmphasisPre ProfessionalCertificate
Accounting BBAXX
Actuarial ScienceX
Aerospace ElectronicsX
Art 2D StudioX
Art 3D StudioX
Art EducationX
Autism Spectrum DisordersX
Automotive Collision Repair and Insurance ManagementX
Automotive Dealership and Corporate Transportation ManagementX
Automotive Diesel and Heavy EquipmentX
Automotive Manufacturing Management in the Transportation IndustryX
Automotive Mechanical DesignX
Automotive Mechanical EngineeringX
Automotive Power Mechanics BASX
Automotive Service Technology AASX
Automotive Service Technology CertificateX
Automotive TechnicalX
Automotive Technology BSTXX
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) BSNX
Biology BA BSXX
Biology Education BSEX
Biology Plant TaxonomyX
Business AdministrationX
Career & Technical Education BSCXX
Caterpillar ThinkBIGGER BASX
Cell BiologyX
Cellular and Molecular BiologyX
Chemistry BSXX
Chemistry - PolymerX
Chemistry - Professional (ACS Approved)X
Chemistry Education BSEX
Child DevelopmentXX
Collision Repair and Insurance BASX
Communication BSXX
Communication Education BSEX
Communication TeachingX
Community / Corporate / Hospital WellnessX
Community and Family ServicesX
Computer Information Systems BBAX
Computer System DesignX
Construction Engineering Technology BSETX
Construction Management BSTXX
Construction Management - Building Information ModelingX
Construction Management - Civil ConstructionX
Construction Management - Company ManagementX
Construction Management - Field ManagementX
Construction Management - ResidentialX
Construction Management - Safety ManagementX
Construction TechnologyX
Construction Technology (for Interior Design majors)X
Construction Technology - Environmental and Safety ManagementX
Creative WritingXX
Criminal JusticeX
Diesel and Heavy Equipment BASXX
Diesel/Heavy Equipment MinorX
Digital and Print Media Technology BASX
Digital MediaXX
Diversity StudiesX
Early Childhood Education, unified birth through Third Grade BSEX
Earth and Space ScienceX
Ecology and Organismic BiologyX
Economics BBAXX
Electrical Technology AASX
Electromechanical EngineeringX
Electronic ControlsX
Electronic Embedded SystemsX
Electronics Engineering Technology BSETX
Electronics Technology BASXX
Elementary Education (K-6) BSEX
English BAXX
English Education BSEX
English for Speakers of Other LanguagesX
English LanguageX
English TeachingX
English, TraditionalX
Environmental and Safety Management BSTX
Environmental and Safety Management - Environmental ManagementX
Environmental and Safety Management - Fire SafetyX
Environmental and Safety Management - General IndustryX
Environmental and Safety Management - HR ManagementX
Environmental ChemistryX
Exercise Science BSXX
Exploratory StudiesX
Family and Consumer Sciences BSXX
Family and Consumer Sciences Education BSEX
Fashion MerchandisingXX
Field Biology and EnvironmentX
Film & Media StudiesX
Finance BBAX
Fraud ExaminationX
Fraud Examination (Integrated)X
French Language and Culture BAXXX
General ScienceX
General Studies BGSX
Geography BSXX
Graphic Communications BSTX
Graphic DesignXX
Graphics ManagementX
Group Fitness / Dance and RhythmsX
History BAXX
History / Government Education BSEX
Human EcologyX
Human Resource DevelopmentX
Illustration and Visual StorytellingXX
Inclusive EducationX
Industrial Management and SupervisionX
Information Assurance & Computer SecurityX
Innovation EngineeringX
Integrated Studies BISX
Intensive English Program (IEP)X
Interior Design BSXX
Interior MerchandisingX
Internal AuditingXX
International Business BBAXX
International Business (non-business majors)X
International Knowledge and Experience (IKE)X
International Studies BAXX
International Studies - Interdisciplinary BAX
International TeachingX
Justice Studies BSXX
Leadership StudiesX
Liberal StudiesX
Management BBAX
Manufacturing Engineering Technology BSETX
Manufacturing ManagementX
Manufacturing Technology BASXX
Marketing BBAXX
Mathematics BSXX
Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 5-8 BSEXX
Mathematics - Teaching, Grades 6-12 BSEX
Mechanical Engineering DesignX
Mechanical Engineering ManufacturingX
Mechanical Engineering Technology BSETX
Mechanical Technology BASXX
Medical Technology BMTX
Military ScienceX
Multicultural StudiesX
Music BAXX
Music Education, Instrumental BMEX
Music Education, Vocal BMEX
Music, Instrumental Performance BMX
Music, Vocal Performance BMX
Natural HistoryX
News EditorialX
Nursing RN to BSN BSX
Packaging GraphicsXX
Physical Education BSEXX
Physical ScienceX
Physics BSXX
Physics Education BSEX
Physics, Engineering TechnologyX
Physics, Professional SequenceX
Physics, Solid StateX
Plant Physiology / Plant Molecular BiologyX
Plastics Engineering DesignX
Plastics Engineering ManufacturingX
Plastics Engineering Technology BSETX
Plastics Technology BASXX
Political Science BAXX
Polymer Chemistry BSX
Polymer PhysicsX
Pre LawX
Pre Medicine / Pre DentalX
Pre Medicine / Pre MedicalX
Pre PharmacyX
Pre Physical TherapyX
Print MediaXX
Private Sector TeachingX
Professional WritingXX
Psychology BS BAXX
Psychology and Legal IssuesX
Psychology and the MilitaryX
Psychology, Case ManagementX
Psychology, Developmental DisabilitiesX
Psychology, Human Factors EmphasisX
Psychology, Human Resource Development EmphasisX
Psychology, Substance Abuse ServicesX
Public HealthX
Public RelationsX
Public Sector TeachingX
Reading, Language ArtsX
Recreation BSXX
Recreation AdministrationX
Safety, Health and Environmental ManagementX
School District LeadershipX
School LibraryX
Social Work BSX
Sociology BSXX
Spanish Language and Culture BAXX
Special Education for FCSX
Strength and ConditioningX
Substance Abuse ServicesX
Sustainability Society and Resource ManagementX
Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesX
Technical Teacher EducationXX
Technological LiteracyX
Technology BASX
Technology and Engineering Education BSEX
Technology EducationX
Technology IntegrationX
Technology ManagementX
Technology, Construction BASXX
Technology, Environment and SafetyX
Telecommunications ElectronicsX
Therapeutic RecreationX
Urban and Suburban ExperienceX
Web/Interactive MediaXX
Women's & Gender StudiesXX
Women's HealthX
Wood Product ManufacturingX
Wood Teacher TrainingX
Wood Technology AASXX
Wood Technology BASX
Wood Technology BST BSTX
Wood Technology, Residential ConstructionX
Workforce Development, Human Resources BSX
Workforce Development, Supervision and Leadership BSX
Youth and AdolescenceX
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