Graduate Program: Biology

Biology Graduate Program

The Department of Biology offers a Master of Science degree with a major in Biology. The department’s facilities and equipment provide opportunities for both teaching and research involving undergraduate and graduate students and can typically be obtained within two years. Individual courses of study are developed by the student in consultation with their adviser and a graduate committee. Areas of study depend on the research interests of individual faculty. Visit the Faculty and Staff website for a list of faculty, areas of interest, and contact information.

Program Outline

Option I: Thesis
This option is designed to prepare students for a doctoral program, for advanced professional careers, or for students wanting to complete an in-depth research experience.

Option II: Research Problem
This option is designed to provide a research experience that can include a specific problem, creative and aesthetic efforts such as performances, exhibits, or creative programs, or an internship.

Option III: Course Work
This option requires completion of course work that demonstrates evidence of advanced course work in an area of concentration. Departments will require evidence of competency through activities such as research papers, portfolios, practice, internships, comprehensive exams or other individual work. Students should check with their major department for specific requirements for the coursework.

Career Options for Biology

  • Research Scientist
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Environmental Scientist

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Admission Requirements

Admission to this graduate degree program requires:

  • Letter outlining specific area of interest and academic and career goals
  • Three letters of reference
  • Select a Graduate Faculty Member to be advisor
  • The Department of Biology maintains a separate admissions and applications process from that of the Graduate School. Prospective students must visit the Biology department webpage for additional information.


Students in the Biology program take a selection of classes that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.

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