Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology

The program formerly known as Wood Technology is transitioning to their new name, Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology (AMMT).   The Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology at Pittsburg State University is one of the top wood processing programs in the United States. Pittsburg State University is a national leader in the preparation of young men and women for rewarding managerial careers in the secondary wood products industry.

A comprehensive curriculum uses a unique "hands-on" approach to learning designed to provide graduates with a broad base of technical knowledge and skills. Much of the coursework is production based and blends classroom theory with real-world product and process engineering problems.

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The Society of Architectural Woodworkers is a student led organization that gives its members the opportunity to work on projects and processes similar to what they might find after graduation.  SAW club applies information students learn in class to actual jobs and projects for profit.  The club then uses this capital for facility upgrades, seminar registration, and fun events like spring break trips and game nights.  

Follow our social media above for updates on SAW club, or contact us at for more information!

Every year, students in the AMMT program complete internships all over the country, working alongside current professionals in the industry.  Internships allow students to apply their classroom knowledge to a professional setting, a concept that is hard to find in most college majors.  The AMMT program has a near 100% placement rate, and many of our graduates have several job offers before graduation.  A list of recruiting companies and potential careers are below:


Area Supervision, CNC Operation, CNC Programming, Custom Assembly, Design, Drafting, 
Engineering, Estimating, Finishing, GM/Ownership, Installation, Machine Operation, Plant Management, Project Management, Production Management, and Sales

Recruiting Companies

1220 (TN)
Adams Group (FL)
Advanced Fixtures Inc. (KS)
Advantage Architectural Woodworking (KS)
Bearwood Concepts (OK)
Blake Clotia (KS)
Cohen Architectural Woodwork (MO)
CR Onsrud (NC)
Custom Wood Products (KS)
Dimensional Innovation (KS)
Gator Millworks (LA)
Genesis Hospitality Corp (CO)
Glenn Rieder (WI)
Goebel Fixture (MN)
High Country (CO)
Hollywood Woodwork (FL)
idX (International)
Independent Stave Company (MO)
Indiana Architectural Plywood Inc. (IN)
Katalyst Group Inc. (KS)
Laminate Works (KS)
Master Wood Craft Cabinetry (TX)
Mortensen Woodwork Inc. (GA)
MSW Inc. (MO)
Parenti & Raffaelli (IL)
R.D. Henry & Company (KS)
RCS Millwork (TX)
Republic Elite (TX)
Rulon International (FL)
SCM Group (GA)
Twin Oaks Custom Cabinets (MO)
Wood Systems (OK)
Woodmont Cabinetry/Grandview (TX)

Prospective majors have an interest in wood and wood products or buildings, good work ethic, good mechanical aptitude, and competence in academic subjects such as basic math, science, speech, and English.  Students should have a willingness to learn technical subjects and "get their hands dirty" to apply techniques in lab experiences.
Students choosing the 2-Year Associate of Applied Science degree in Wood Technology major may choose between either a specialization in Wood Product Manufacturing or Residential Construction.  The degree provides graduates with technical information and skills for working in these industries.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) offers students who have graduated from an accredited two-year associate degree technical program the opportunity to extend their education and training.  Like two-year technical programs, this bachelor degree gives students complete, hands-on training for a real-world job.   

Of course we offer a four-year program where students learning by doing! The PSU Architectural Manufacturing Management and Technology program fills a void in that there are not many others offering a four-year wood technology degree focusing on secondary wood manufacturing. Our graduates receive diverse training that can prepare them with a skillset for the shop or office side of a woodworking career. The curriculum does not make an individual choose their option on paper, but exposes them to a variety of options within the wood industry, lectures on theory, allows them to have hands-on interactive learning in labs, and requires an industry internship to see it from another perspective. It also provides them an environment where the sky is the limit for them to learn their desires to the fullest.