Not sure what to study? Join the club. At least a quarter of Pitt State Freshmen, and a large number of students transferring to PSU, come to campus without having decided on a major. Pitt State's Exploratory Studies Program is perfect for students like you.

Learn to Succeed

The program has several components. One is the Freshman Experience, a 14-week class that helps you master the skills that are essential for success at Pitt State -- skills like time management, note taking, using the library and other resources.

Explore what interests you

Insightful advising is another huge part of the program. Students meet early and often with advisors who help them choose courses from different areas, so they can explore possible academic interests. Advisors will help you find and focus on that place where your strengths dovetail with what you like, because that intersection has the greatest potential to yield a satisfying major.

Begin planning your career

Students in the Exploratory Studies Program also benefit from Career Explorations, a course that looks at the world of work, helping you link your interests and your area of study to a lucrative career path.

Programs like Pitt State's Exploratory Studies Program are rare at colleges in the region, most of which ask you to choose a major right from the start. We think our approach makes perfect sense. There are a lot of choices at Pitt State. Why not take your time and choose wisely?