Work Order System

The Physical Plant staff services approximately 10,000 work orders each year.  Generally, work orders are processed as received.

  • Requests for departmental services should be directed to the Physical Plant Directors by completing a General Work Order Form.  The request must fully describe the services desired and all blanks on the form must be completed.

  • Emergency requests should be directed to the Physical Plant by calling extension 4777 or 4779.  This should be followed by submission of a General Work Order Form which will be directed to the appropriate supervisor.

Submit General Work Order

  • The cleanup of broken glass.
  • A ceiling leak dripping on the floor or equipment.
  • Any substance on the floor that presents a safety concern.
  • A stool, urinal, sink or floor drain is stopped up; creating a floor hazard.
  • Any custodial work order to be completed before the end of the working day.
  • An unscheduled event set up that requires immediate attention.
  • Any custodial work order that presents a safety concern.
  • Irrigation system on during the day with no Physical Plant employee present.
  • Debris on a campus street, sidewalk, or steps.
  • Broken limbs or trees.
  • Sink holes or any holes in the ground.
  • Broken glass outdoors.
  • Car accidents on campus where there is a chemical spill, broken glass, or car parts.
  • Vandalism that poses a threat to life or limb.
  • Snow and/or ice removal.
  • Icy spots in front of doors or on steps.
  • Icy spots in general (streets or sidewalks).
  • Door glass is broken.
  • Window glass that is broken out.
  • Windows that will not secure which are on ground level or at a fire escape access.  This is a security issue.
  • Entrance doors that will not unlock or lock.
  • Classrooms, labs or offices that will not unlock.
  • Classrooms, labs or offices that have valuable items inside them that will not lock.
  • Core changes that are required due to a breach of security.
  • Roof leak that is dripping on valuable equipment.
  • Roof leak where a potential safety issue is present.
  • Any floor safety issue, such as tripping or opening in floor.
  • Any other work that presents a safety concern for students, staff, general public or the building itself.
  • Anyone trapped in an elevator or any elevator not working.
  • Any campus building reporting no electricity.
  • Lights not working in classroom or office.
  • Campus wide power outage.
  • Receptacles not working in classroom that is needed for teaching purposes.
  • Any work order that has to be completed before the end of that working day.
  • Fire alarm sounding in any building.
  • Emergency, short notice or priority dig safe One-Calls.
Plumbing & Welding
  • Any stool or urinal that is running continuously.
  • Any time the smell of gas is present in any building.
  • Any time the smell of sewer gas is present in any building.
  • Any time there is no water to a building.
  • When the sewer system, drains, stools or urinals are stopped up.
  • When water is running on any electrical devices.
  • When water is leaking through a wall, floor or ceiling.
  • When there is no heat in the entire building or section of the building.
  • When water is coming out of the ground.
  • When the tunnel system on campus has a large amount of water in it.
  • When any large cover plates for water meters, sewer manholes or irrigation valve box lids are missing or not on properly.
  • When any faucet is leaking continuously.
  • When the window wells are full of water.
  • Any time dish machine is not working properly in Gibson Dining Hall or Overman Student Center.
  • Loud noises coming from mechanical room.
Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning not working in entire building.
  • Loud noise coming from mechanical room.
  • Loud noise coming from cooling tower.
  • Cooler or freezer not working in Overman Student Center, Gibson Dining Hall or Heckert-Wells.
  • Air conditioning not working in telecommunications rooms in Kelce (OIS).
  • Air conditioning not working in main computer room in Kelce (OIS).
  • Air conditioning not working in computer labs (Rooms 103, 104, and 105) Kelce.
  • Air conditioning not working at KRPS studio at Shirk Hall.
  • Air conditioning not working at KRPS tower at Weir.
  • Air conditioning or exhaust fan not working in Heckert-Wells, Room 207.
  • Loud noise coming from air conditioning equipment located on outside of building.

"Self Help" Work

Departments with assigned technicians or other personnel with trade skills may wish to perform minor facilities alterations and renovations themselves. Although this arrangement is usually acceptable, to assure compliance with required codes and standards, Physical Plant must have prior review to give approval of plans and must inspect the completed work. These precautions are intended to help ensure the safety of staff and students who will use the area.

Billing Procedures

All charges for materials, carpool vehicle use and gas and oil charges are billed on a monthly basis and are charged to various departments according to the fund and unit numbers provided and authorized by the department.

  • Materials Clearing

When departments are asked to pay for maintenance and repair of special classroom equipment, special lighting or sound installations, improvements to facilities, fabrication of furniture beyond basic budget levels, a work order must be submitted by the department documenting the request and authorizing the appropriate funding. Initially, the Physical Plant pays for the materials and supplies required to complete the project. Individual costs are tracked for the particular project and billed monthly through a clearing process.

  • Carpool
Physical Plant Garage maintains a Central Vehicle Pool in which State-owned vehicles are available to faculty and staff. Automobiles and vans are scheduled on a reservation basis. Mileage is charged to the various departments and billed monthly through a clearing account. Departments request and reserve vehicles for a specific time and date and provide the authorization for charges to the appropriate departmental funding. 

Many departments own their vehicles and purchase gasoline and oil from the Physical Plant Garage. The most current up-to-date prices for gasoline and oil are charged and billed monthly to the department through the clearing procedure.

Physical Plant Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment placed at the disposal of Physical Plant employees are for in-house use only.

Some tools, such as the roto-hammer or an airless paint gun, require a specialized skill or knowledge of operation so must be handled by a Physical Plant operator.

Physical Plant tools and equipment are not to be used or taken off the university campus.

Locks & Keys

Pittsburg State University utilizes the Best Master Key System. Padlocks and non-system locks are prohibited on campus doors and all locks must comply with the Life Safety Code.

All requests for Best keys must be approved by the Department Chair and the Director of Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance. Selected keys may require the approval of your Dean or Director. Please route all key requests through your departmental office using the "General Work Order" request system located on GUS system. Also, please use this same procedure when requesting a core change for door lock.

If a key is lost or stolen please notify your supervisor (or other designated person per your departmental policy) immediately, as well as, the Carpentry department and University Police and Parking Services. The department is responsible for the cost of restoring security when keys are lost or stolen.

Folding Tables & Chairs

The Physical Plant has a supply of folding tables and chairs which are available to PSU campus departments for official functions. The tables and chairs must not be taken off campus, left outside overnight,  nor are they available on a permanent loan basis.

Tables and chairs will be delivered during business hours only.  If your event ends after working hours, you will be responsible for storing the tables in an inside location until the next working day or returning them to the Physical Plant (via the Boiler Room).

The requesting department is responsible for any damage to tables and/or chairs while in their possession.  Tables will be charged out at the cost of replacement.  Tables - $100.00 ea.  /  Chairs - $50.00 ea.

All requests for chairs and/or tables should be submitted using the Physical Plant Work Order System.  All reservations will be handled on a "First Come" "First Serve" basis, with all possible accommodations made.

Decorations for Functions & Events

Decorative greenery for functions and programs are not supplied by the Physical Plant and must be obtained either from individuals or by contracting with a commercial greenhouse.

Lost & Found

There is a lost and found service at the University Police and Parking Services office.

Classroom & Auditorium Use

Use of classrooms and auditoriums is normally scheduled through a procedure prior to the beginning of each semester in the Registrar's office.  Special uses outside the scheduled uses are handled through the departments.

Fire Extinguishers



  • Physical Plant furnishes appropriate type extinguishers as an institutional service.  All fire extinguishers, except those of Auxiliary Services, are serviced without charge.

  • Service includes recharging as required, annual inspection, and testing according to the requirements of the individual extinguishers.  Complete records are maintained.


**  For additional information regarding fire extinguishers, please contact Kevin Malle at extension 4787, or for emergency situations, call 911.