Departmental Services

Building maintenance resulting from requests using the online work order system is primarily the responsibility of Physical Plant personnel.  This includes the maintenance and repair of equipment and furniture which are on a departmental inventory, office material for departmental use, fabrication of an apparatus and/or equipment, and providing many other services requested by a department as the need arises.

Items that are acceptable as maintenance by the Physical Plant are redecoration, new floors, ceilings or lights, repair of windows, upkeep of central heating and air conditioning systems, cabinet-making, general carpentry, stone work, electrical repair and wiring for lighting.

Institutional Services

Services provided by the Physical Plant which need no requests and which are provided for the overall use of the institution are regarded as institutional services. Such services include the lighting of buildings, provision of drinking water, grounds maintenance and landscaping, custodial services and maintaining the motor pool.

Employees of the Physical Plant keep the institution's physical facilities and services under constant surveillance. They either rectify the faults which they find or eliminate the cause. Since the number of facilities and services which must be inspected is extensive, members of the university staff are asked to report problem areas immediately which they observe so that prompt corrective action by the Physical Plant will minimize maintenance problems.

Budgeted Physical Plant Services

  • Maintenance and repair of buildings and their installed heating, ventilation/air conditioning systems; and electrical, plumbing, or other special systems and equipment installed as integral parts of the buildings.

  • Painting of interior and exterior surfaces on a periodic, scheduled basis.

  • Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furniture and furnishings, such as window shades and Venetian blinds, seats, lecterns, and blackboards.

  • Maintenance of walks, roads, and drainage, Care of lawns, trees, and shrubs.

  • Maintenance of utilities plants, and distribution systems for heat, water, gas, compressed air, electric power, sewers, and street lighting.

  • Basic, scheduled custodial and refuse collection services; setup support for major, university-wide special events.

  • Staff design and project management for non-capital budget, general fund projects.

Chargeable Physical Plant Services

  • Maintenance and repair of special classroom equipment, special lighting or sound installations, office furniture and furnishings, laboratory equipment, and other departmental property.

  • Renovation, alteration, or improvements to facilities.

  • Painting or decorating beyond the level provided under basic maintenance budgets.

  • Fabrication of cabinets, shelves, signs, name tags, and other miscellaneous items; furniture repair, excluding basic classroom furniture.

  • Facilities planning and design, or other professional services performed by outside consultants, architects, or engineers. Departments are encouraged to work through the Facilities Planning Office for in-house architectural services.

Pest Control

Insect and rodent control is accomplished by a regular routine maintenance program performed by contractors. Specific problems dealing with pest control should be reported to the Physical Plant Office at extension 4777. The office will then refer the problem to the pest control operator for specific treatment. Exceptions are rare emergency problems with rodents and bird control.

Some locations on campus are excluded from pest control treatment. In fact, any area can be excluded from treatment upon request from the department head to the Director of Custodial and General Services.