University People-Mover Policy

  • All reservations for using the University People Mover (UPM) must be made through the Physical Plant Vehicle Maintenance / Carpool Department.  Vehicle Maintenance / Carpool is responsible for keeping a master calendar of reservations, providing ongoing maintenance and repairs for the UPM and providing access to the UPM during evenings, weekends and holidays.

  • Use of the UPM is for University-related purposes only and will not be provided to outside entities without the express permission of the Vice President for University Advancement.

  • The UPM has been purchased to provide PSU with a higher level of transportation for visiting dignitaries, donors and special guests than was previously available using vans.  For that reason, the interior and exterior appearance of the UPM should be maintained at the highest level possible.  No group will be allowed to reserve the UPM when Carpool employees believe dirt, mud sweat, excessive wear, etc. will damage the interior or exterior appearance of the vehicle.  Questions regarding the appropriateness of the group requesting the reservation may be forwarded by Carpool employees to the Vice President for University Advancement for approval.

  • All drivers of the UPM must be current employees of Pittsburg State University and have successfully completed van driver training provided by PSU University Police and Parking Services.

  • Groups reserving the UPM will be required to reimburse the University at a mileage rate billed at 1 ½ times the mileage rate for 12-passenger vans operated through University Carpool.  In addition, the group reserving the UPM will provide a University account number where extensive cleaning and/or damage to the UPM incurred during the trip may be billed.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the UPM with the exception of water provided to guests for their comfort during a trip.

  • The University President's Office and each of the three vice presidents have the right to supersede any reservation held by another University office or program, or an entity outside the institution.  Should the President's Office or one of the three vice presidents need to "bump" a previous reservation, the Vehicle Maintenance / Carpool Department will assist that group with identifying alternative means of transportation.

  • The UPM is considered property of the President's Office and any exceptions to these guidelines will require the approval of a representative of the President's Office or the Vice President of University Advancement.


Vehicle Authorization Form

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