Physical Plant Services & Grounds

  • Administrative Services
  • Boiler Room
  • Custodial Services
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Recycling Services
  • Storeroom & General Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance
Physical Plant Administrative Services consists of an Accountant/Office Manager and an Administrative Specialist. This department supports both the Director of Custodial and General Services and the Director of Building Trades and Landscape Maintenance. Various duties performed by Administrative Services staff includes customer service, payroll and personnel recordkeeping, forwarding and assignment of all work orders, Carpool billing for trip mileage, gasoline, oil, and other miscellaneous charges, monthly materials billing for reimbursable work orders, all accounts receivable and payable, budget reporting, as well as, other miscellaneous services.

The main campus is heated by steam that is produced by natural gas fired boilers and piped to buildings through utility tunnels. Each building receives steam at a temperature of nearly 300 degrees Fahrenheit and at a regulated pressure of about 60 PSI (pounds per square inch). The plant literally recycles steam -- using 85 to 88 percent of the steam energy that is normally lost as "waste heat".

 Steam that has been used (condensed in the system) is circulated as condensate back to the boiler room at the Physical Plant and still contains some heating energy (about 180 - 190 degrees F.). The condensate is converted to steam and brought back up to about 400 degrees F. before being released back into the steam "recycling" system thereby achieving a high level of energy conservation. The steam heating system has other economical advantages. In milder weather, the water temperatures can be lowered to correspond with the weather conditions.

The Garfield Weede Building has an independent boiler system in the basement mechanical room, while both the McPherson Building and Timmons Chapel are equipped with electric heating and cooling systems.

The heating system is controlled by a computerized energy management system. A computer terminal, located at the Physical Plant, monitors information from thermostats in individual buildings and controls valves that regulate the flow of steam and heat. It also analyzes flue emissions to key the boilers at peak efficiency.

The plant keeps 40,000 gallons of fuel oil in underground tanks for use if the natural gas supply is curtailed. This reserve would heat the university for four to six days in weather below 30 degrees F. and longer in milder weather.


Steam Tunnel Distribution System

Steam is distributed through a system of tunnels beneath the campus. Pipes in the tunnels transport steam throughout the main campus. Temperature of the pipes run as high as 300 degrees F. and therefore present a danger to anyone who is not trained to work in these tunnels.

The Physical Plant has a policy of never allowing a worker to negotiate a steam tunnel alone. Only experienced workers may service a steam tunnel. They must know where the exits are, where the access doors are, and have keys to get through these passages. Anyone not familiar with the tunnels runs the risk of being trapped in a dead-end or a passage blocked by a locked door. A person trapped in the tunnel faces serious consequences if a steam pipe ruptures and releases high-pressure steam.

Because of building security, the Physical Plant must lock access doors between the buildings and the tunnels to prevent unauthorized access. This creates a dangerous situation for anyone without keys. The Physical Plant therefore prohibits unauthorized persons in the tunnels.

The Physical Plant is responsible for custodial services in all campus buildings except the Overman Student Center and the Wilkinson Alumni Center.  Most custodial work is occupied areas is performed between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Floor areas swept, wastebaskets emptied, chalkboards cleaned, chairs arranged, restrooms cleaned and other tasks performed on a daily basis.

 A daily shift is assigned to each building.  Work during hours when classes are held is coordinated to minimize interference with school activities.  Offices are usually cleaned by the day shift between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM or by the night shift after 4:30 PM.  Custodians can be called to perform custodial tasks generally during daily activities.  This activity is directed by the Custodial Manager, whose office is located in the Physical Plant building.


Custodial Work Performed

  • Clean restrooms and replenish supplies; dust and clean offices, classrooms, conference rooms, laboratories and elevators; polish furniture.

  • Vacuum carpets; dry mop and wet mop floors; strip, wax and polish floors; shampoo carpets.

  • Collect and remove waste; sweep steps and sidewalks.

  • Clean light fixtures; change light bulbs; clean drinking fountains.

  • Clean windows and glass doors; clean blinds; wash walls.

  • Report needed maintenance and repair items to supervisors; request supplies; lock and unlock buildings, offices and rooms; move furniture as needed for cleaning purposes.

  • Request and store cleaning materials and supplies; keep storage closets and custodial rooms in order.

  • Perform related work as requested.



  • Where the surface is appropriate, (wood, tile, concrete, etc.) floors are scrubbed, sealed as required and waxed once or twice a year.  Additional waxing or finishing is provided if needed whenever such service can be worked into the schedule.


Opening & Closing of Buildings

  • The security of all campus buildings, offices and equipment is an important part of the custodial service.  The objective of this department is to assist with building security through key control.

  • Each building is opened and closed according to a rearranged schedule.  As a rule, only the outside doors and selected classrooms are opened by Physical Plant employees, and it is the responsibility of the departments to open their own offices and laboratories.

  • The evening shift is responsible for locking or securing buildings.  Keys are assigned to custodians by their supervisor.  It is the custodian's responsibility to see that the keys are not lost or stolen.  All keys are checked in at the Physical Plant at the end of each shift and  picked up again at the beginning of the next shift.  Keys are not loaned.


Trash Removal

  • Emptying wastebaskets, sweeping floors and removal of material which is obviously trash is the responsibility of the Physical Plant and is done by the custodial crew.

The trash is taken to pickup points where it is removed from campus by contracted trash services.


Additional Duties

  • Cleaning of football stadium

  • Setting up, working and tearing down for many campus events, ie. Commencement and ball games.


Tasks Not Performed By Custodians

  • Move heavy furniture

  • Any major moving of furniture

  • Run errands

  • Perform personal service

  • Watch laboratory equipment (turn off equipment, etc.)

  • Collect mail from offices

  • Loan keys to anyone

  • Answer telephones


Please contact the Director of Custodial and General Services for special requests.

The Physical Plant has the responsibility for the visual impact of the University.  Appearance of the grounds and buildings is very important.  National surveys indicate that more than half of all prospective students consider this when deciding where to go to school.  Appearance also makes a difference in faculty and staff attitudes and influences legislators, parents and the general public.

The work of the Landscape Maintenance department is most notable in the spring when flower beds are in full bloom and the trees are alive with new color.  Flower beds are used to their maximum to achieve the greatest effect.  Spring flowers are replaced with summer flowers in May and removed after the first killing frost.

The Landscape Maintenance Department maintains an office, greenhouse nursery and storage facility located directly east of the Weede Building.  In addition, the Department also maintains an outdoor nursery and related materials.

The Landscape Maintenance crew is responsible for the maintenance of trees, grass, shrubs, flower beds, new plantings and athletic fields.  They are also responsible for clearing snow from campus sidewalks, removing leaves and other debris and keeping storm sewer inlets clear and unobstructed.

All other requests for Landscape Maintenance services should be submitted using the on-line "General Work Order" form.


The Physical Plant Storeroom stocks and maintains a perpetual inventory of equipment, materials, and supplies required for all building, grounds and custodial maintenance performed by Physical Plant personnel.  Storeroom employees are responsible for maintaining necessary inventory levels, as well as, ordering and inspecting stock.

Freight, UPS, Federal Express and all other express delivery services are delivered to the Storeroom on a daily basis.  Storeroom employees log all packages and freight and prepare them for campus distribution by the General Services department.  While efforts are made to assist with the placement of campus freight orders, unfortunately, the Storeroom does not have enough space to store freight for campus departments at the physical plant.  Please consider the size and shipping times of orders prior to placement.  This is particularly important when ordering large shipments of furniture.
The storeroom also assists campus departments with any product ordering.  If you need the Storeroom to order a product for you, please submit an online "General Work Order" request located on GUS.  Please include all account information on these work orders.  If you need assistance with product ordering, please contact Tonya Pentola at extension 4780.


General Services

General Services' employees are responsible for the delivery of UPS, Federal Express and all other express delivery packages shipped to the University.  Delivery of packages is performed on a daily basis beginning at 12:30 PM and are delivered to the designated drop location in each building.  Unfortunately, due to varying mail quantities and job duties, it is not possible to provide a set delivery time for each building.  Below is a listing of the drop locations in each building.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances that will not allow for the delivery of the daily mail, the packages will be held until the next day.

The General Services department also delivers all University freight that is delivered to the Storeroom.  Every attempt is made to deliver the freight as soon as possible following arrival; however, during very busy times, delivery may be delayed until time-sensitive work has been completed.  If it is necessary that freight be delivered within a certain time frame, please contact Tonya Pentola in the Storeroom at ext. 4780.

Additional responsibilities of the General Services' staff include assisting with set up and retrieval of equipment for various special events on campus, as well as, delivering and retrieving all folding tables and chairs requested for these various activities and events.

Currently the University has 100 folding tables and 500 folding chairs which are available for use for campus events and activities.  These tables and chairs are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Therefore, it is important that you submit your requests as far in advance as possible to ensure reservation of the number of tables and/or chairs that are needed.

This department is also responsible for all requests for movement of furniture, equipment, file cabinets, musical equipment, etc. on campus.  General Services staff will try to accommodate all requests for moves and deliveries as long as it is reasonable, safe  and within our ability.  The expense of professional assistance brought in due to the inability of the General Services staff to perform the move, will be charged to the requesting department.  Any requested moves that may present possible safety hazards to employees will be denied.

All requests for services, including requests for tables and chairs, must be submitted using the online Physical Plant "General Work Order" system located on GUS.  All work orders are scheduled in the order in which they are received.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.  During busy periods, it is possible that a work request may not be possible due to previously-scheduled work; therefore, it is best to submit your work orders as soon as possible to ensure that scheduling is possible during the time frame needed.

Please see the "Policies and Procedures" section for more information regarding the distribution and use of Physical Plant furnishings.

Skilled mechanics in the Physical Plant Garage area responsible for repairing, maintaining and reconditioning autos, vans, trucks, tractors, loaders, lift trucks, mowers, and small engines on miscellaneous equipment. Work often involves routine preventive maintenance and other functions of a major full-service garage. In addition, mechanics participate in the technical repair and testing of complex systems. These systems include computer ignition, electronic fuel injection, electric hydraulic systems and air conditioning on both gas and diesel equipment.

The Garage is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Central Carpool automobiles and vans, as well as, all scheduling and issuance of the vehicles.

All University Carpool vehicles are scheduled on a reservation basis and must be requested using the "Vehicle Authorization Form". Please see the "Policies and Procedures" section for guidelines regarding Central Carpool vehicle use.


Kim Little
Accountant I
Kayla Laderer, Administrative Associate
Physical Plant Contact Person


Maintenance Supervisor
Wylie DeGruson, Boiler Technician
Randy Johnson, Boiler Technician
Jake Keltner, Boiler Technician
Ed Thompson, Boiler Technician
Jeff York, Boiler Technician


Kevin Malle
Maintenance Supervisor
Rob Hunt, Maint. & Repair Worker
Dale Lucchi, Maint. & Repair Worker
Jeff Peternell, Maint. & Repair Worker
Eddie Spragg, Maint. & Repair Worker
Craig Stokes, Maint. & Repair Worker


Sue Ann Barnes, Custodian Supervisor
Kim Downing, Custodian
Shannah Farmer, Custodian
Winona Hyder, Custodian
Tony Jameson, Custodian
Tyler Jiles, Custodian
Randy Marietta, Custodian Senior
Hannah Oertle, Custodian
Marion Patton, Custodian
Claude Reno, Custodian Senior
Tianne Westervelt, Custodian
"Vacant", Custodian
"Vacant", Custodian


Kay Lynn Jiles, Custodian Supervisor
Sandy Brown, Custodian Senior
Kent Brumbaugh, Custodian
Jay Grisolano, Custodian
Erma Hedges, Custodian
Blaise Jacks, Custodian
Brandon Puckett, Custodian
Sherry Vineyard, Custodian
Stephanie Siebert, Custodian
Sara Sullivan, Custodian


Damian Smithhisler - Weede
Terry Blades, Custodian
Ryan Peterson, Custodian
Mark Swartz, Custodian


Vince Daino - Student Rec Center
Jacob Hall, Custodian
Lori Nordyke, Custodian


Tonya Pentola
Maintenance Supervisor
Kelly Glaser, Mover
Cody McCloud, Mover


Jack Reed
Maintenance Supervisor
Tim Anderson, Groundskeeper
Kevin Jones, Groundskeeper
Jared Little, Groundskeeper
Jason Manderscheid, Landscape Project Manager
Dalton Russell, Groundskeeper
Tim Taylor, Groundskeeper
Dan Thompson, Groundskeeper
Bob Wolff, Groundskeeper
"Vacant", Groundskeeper
"Vacant", Groundskeeper
"Vacant", Groundskeeper
"Vacant", Groundskeeper
"Vacant", Groundskeeper


Tonya Pentola
Maintenance Supervisor
Scott Broyles, Recycling Specialist
Recycling Program Manager



Tonya Pentola
Maintenance Supervisor
Tim Pierce, Storekeeper Specialist


Kenny Edwards
Maintenance Supervisor
Alec Lindsay-Gaikowski, Auto Mechanic