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(photo courtesy of the Peace Corps)

Peace Corps Prep Program

About Peace Corps Prep at PSU

The Peace Corps Prep Program is for you if you intend to apply to enter the Peace Corps! Although completion of the program does not guarantee acceptance to the Peace Corps, the program requirements will help you be a more competitive applicant.

For more information on the Peace Corps, visit their website and their Prep Program website.

Eligibility and Program Requirements

Students may apply in their freshman and sophomore years. Juniors and seniors who have already completed some components of the program may also be considered.

The PCP program requirements are:

  1. Two semesters of the same language
  2. Three Area Studies courses
  3. Two approved upper division courses in Peace Corps Program areas
  4. Professional and leadership development
  5. One enhancement area, such as student teaching, long-term study abroad, long-term volunteer experience, etc.

Classes must be completed with a C or better.

Please see the Peace Corps Prep Program flyer for a complete list of possible classes and activities.

Accepted students will be enrolled in a Canvas course and will be asked to submit a report each semester that explains their progress in the PCP program.

Peace Corps Prep Application

The application deadlines are November 1st and April 1st of each year. Students are accepted based on their GPA, application essay, current student status, proposed program area, and proposed language study.

Please turn in the Peace Corps Prep Program Application to Whitesitt 118.

For more information, contact Angela Moots,, 118 Whitesitt Hall.

(photo courtesy of the Peace Corps)