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Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program at Pittsburg State University provides a variety of specific language and cultural services to international students.  The main objectives of the IEP are to raise students' English language level through quality classroom instruction and to prepare students to pursue their academic degree programs at Pittsburg State University.  Furthermore, the IEP strives to provide opportunities for students to experience and learn about American culture.

The IEP is a full-time program featuring four eight-week sessions during the academic year and one eight-week session during the summer. Classes are offered at six levels, from beginning to advanced. Students spend approximately 20 hours per week in class, taking courses in grammar, reading, listening/speaking, writing, and academic preparation. The program is flexible, and every effort is made to meet individual student needs. 

The successful completion of the highest level of the Intensive English Program is the equivalent of a 550 TOEFL score and can be substituted for the TOEFL requirement.

Please visit the Intensive English Program website for complete details.

For more information, contact Christine Mekkaoui, 120 Whitesitt Hall.

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