Faculty & Staff Acute Care Clinic

In an effort to expand services to the campus community, Bryant Student Health Center (BSHC) will begin to provide limited daily appointments for medical services to faculty and staff.

The BSHC will bill your visit to your health insurance plan. Your insurance will be sent with your outside laboratory tests or you can opt to pay the student pricing for the labs at the time of service. If your labs are billed to your insurance by an outside lab, you will owe that lab for your copay/deductible as indicated by your insurance company. An outside script will be provided for you for prescriptions or you may pay student pricing for prescriptions or OTC meds that we carry in our pharmacy. You will be responsible to pay the portion you owe based on how your insurance processes your claim. Cash, check, credit/debit card, and HSA card payments are accepted. 

For more information call the BSHC at 620.235.4452.

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This clinic will serve currently employed faculty and staff. Family members, former faculty and staff and retirees are NOT eligible for service.
The clinic treats acute onset problems such as bone and joint, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary, skin problems, etc., as well as the administration of allergy injections as prescribed by employee’s allergist. Chronic conditions are best managed by your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Work related injuries should be referred to BSHC as the University’s approved provider.
Clinic hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays. To schedule an appointment, call the BSHC at 620.235.4452. Witch our main emphasis continuing to support our student populations needs first, the availability of daily appointments for faculty and staff will be limited.
The BSHC is located on Broadway, south of Russ Hall.
The Faculty and Staff Acute Care Clinic will benefit the university as a whole. When employees get sick at work, they can easily be seen and treated right on campus. If additional services are needed, such as treatments, immunizations, prescriptions, x-rays, or lab tests, they may be received at BSHC.
  • Types of Clinics Available
  • Types of Clinics NOT Available
  • FAQ's
  1. Upper Respiratory: Sinusitis, pharyngitis (sore throat), ear ache, tinnitus, enlarged lymph nodes, flu-like symptoms. allergies
  2. Lower Respiratory: Cough, wheezing, shortness of breath
  3. Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain
  4. Genital-urinary: Symptoms of UTI, back pain
  5. Skin: Rashes, bites, sores, irritations
  6. Neuro: Headache, dizziness
  7. Otology: Ear pain, ear discharge, plugged ears,
  8. Ophthalmological: Red eye, eye discharge
  9. Ortho: Acute strains and sprains, contusions, abrasions, minor trauma
  10. Immunizations: Preventative vaccines, immunizations recommended for travel.
  11. Workers Comp: Will be referred to BSHC as the preferred site.
  12. Allergy injections: Administration of scheduled allergy injections as prescribed by employee’s allergist.
  13. Counseling services: Acute initial counseling visit and assistance with referral services.
  1. Chronic problems: Your primary care physician will provide the best treatment for the management of chronic conditions such as:, Diabetes, Hypertension,
  2. Refills of prescription medications: Your primary care provider will best manage refilling prescriptions for chronic health conditions.
  1. When will this clinic be open for service?
    Clinic hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm weekdays, with limited appointment availability.

  2. Will your clinic serve as my primary care provider?
    No.  Our clinic is intended to provide acute care only.

  3. What kind of medical conditions will you see in this clinic?
    Acute problems involving bones & joints: respiratory (upper and lower); gastrointestinal; urinary; or skin disorders.  Chronic health conditions are to be managed by the employee’s primary care physician.

  4. Will health insurance be billed for services rendered at the BSHC?
    Yes, Student Health Services does file third party insurance claims. 

    You can take your prescription to an outside pharmacy if you would like to use your insurance benefits, or many prescriptions may be filled by the BSHC with appropriate payment.

    Most laboratory services can be billed to the employee’s insurance through our outside laboratory service Regional Medical Lab (RML).  There will be a $15 drawing fee for this service payable to the Bryant Student Health Center. Any copay or deductible on labs billed to insurance through our outside lab will be owed to the outside lab. You may also opt to pay for your outside labs in lieu of billing your insurance at the student self-pay pricing. Note that labs performed in-house (in-house strep test, UA, flu tests, etc.) will be billed to your insurance through the BSHC.

  5. How do I make an appointment?
    Appointments can be made by calling the BSHC at 620.235.4452.  Walk-ins are only available for blood pressure checks, flu vaccination, and TB skin testing.

  6. How can I pay my bill and is it due at the time of service? Once your insurance pays your claim, a hold will be placed on your university record and an email sent for the amount you owe after insurance. If you choose to pay student rate in lieu of billing insurance, your payment is due at the time of service. Cash, check, credit/debit card, and HSA card payments are accepted at either the BSHC or cash, check, and credit/debit card are accepted at the cashier’s office.

  7. Who will staff the Faculty/Staff Clinic?
    The medical providers employed at the BSHC will be treating employees.

  8. Will my Primary Care Physician (PCP) be informed of my visit?
    We can provide information of your visit to your primary care physician at your request.

  9. Where will I obtain lab testing?
    In house laboratory testing such as, rapid strep screens, pregnancy tests, glucose, urinalysis, and influenza testing are performed here.   If you would like to bill your insurance for other lab tests you will need to provide your insurance card at the time of service, and will be billed a $15 drawing fee charge.  Any co-pays after insurance should be paid to RML.

  10. Where can I have a prescription filled?
    You can take your prescription to an outside pharmacy if you would like to use your insurance benefits, or many prescriptions may be filled by the BSHC with appropriate payment.

  11. What other services am I eligible for at BSHC?
    At additional cost; minor surgical procedures, Radiology, Immunizations, Pharmacy, and Laboratory services. 


We will also offer the administration of scheduled allergy injections as prescribed by your allergist.   The charge will be billed to your insurance, and the employee/faculty will be required to stay 30 minutes after the injection for observation.