Research Involving Human Subjects

All activities defined as research by the PSU academic department from which the research proposal originates must be approved by the PSU Institutional Review Board. Approval of proposed research being conducted by faculty or students which involves human research subjects is required prior to conducting research.

ALL proposed activities that involve or potentially involve humans as subjects of the research are reviewed by both the department and the Institutional Review Board (IRB). ALL proposed research involving human subjects must be properly documented.

It is recommended that all faculty and students proposing research involving human subjects apply for approval by the IRB 90 days prior to starting research, particularly if research will involve protected groups such as minors or international research.

Apply for approval of your proposed human subjects research by following the guidelines at - Research Involving Human Subjects


Additional Resources for Research Involving Human Subjects

PSU Assurance Handbook

The PSU PHRS Assurance Handbook contains SU policies and procedures related to the Protection of Human Subjects Code of Federal Regulations and must be reviewed by all faculty, staff, and students applying for expedited or full review of research involving human subjects.

Belmont Report

Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the protection of human subjects of research.

Federal Regulations

Protection of Human Subjects Code of Federal Regulations.

Protecting Human Research Participants NIH Training

PSU faculty, staff, and students who are applying for expedited or full review of research involving human subjects must complete the NIH Protecting Human Research Participants On Line Training Program and submit the completion certificate with their application. It is also recommended that research methods courses include the training program.

NIH Training Login