FY20 Year End Processing Deadlines

All GUS Cloud transactions must be Workflow Approved by the below dates/times to make it into FY20 processing.  If a transaction has been submitted, but is pending any kind of approval, it will be processed with FY21 funds.  If a transaction should not be processed until FY21, please do not submit it until 07/01/2020.

Remember to use dashboard reports to monitor cost center balances and correct any negative balances before 06/05/2020.

Transaction Type


Deadline (12:00pm)


Corrections, Internal Payments, and Transfers to Business Office




Service Clearings to Business Office




Cash Advance Requests Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud




Pcard Expense Items Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud (through 6/3 statement)




Outgoing Wire Transfers to Business Office




New Supplier Requests to Purchasing Office




Refund Requests to Cashiers Office (transcripts, registrations, etc.)




Cash Advance Reconciliation Expense Reports Submitted/Approved in GUS Cloud




Deposits to Cashier’s Office


06/18/2020 (3:00pm)


Change Funds to Cashier’s Office


06/18/2020 (3:00pm)


Expense Reports Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud




Invoices Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud




Requisitions and Purchase Orders Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud




Pcard Expense Items Workflow Approved in GUS Cloud (6/4-6/30)




Purchasing Office Bids


Contact Brad



We sincerely appreciate your cooperation. The various deadlines are important as there are several processes items must go through once they arrive at the Business/Cashiers Office. If you have any questions you may contact Barbara Winter at 4152, Rachel Cameron at 4150, or Don Hartshorn at 4153.


FY20 Year End Processing Deadlines PSU Foundation

Transaction Type


Deadline (12:00pm)


Foundation Deposits - 1 of 2  deadlines




Foundation Deposits - 2 of 2  deadlines*




State BPC using Foundation funds - all statements thru July 20 **




Foundation Budgeted Accounts - Fund 412U ***




Foundation Pro Card- (cards issued by PSU Foundation) 





* FY is determined by when revenue was earned or date on checks.  Take checks, cash and credit cards to Advancement Services Office ASAP.

** Transactions dated June 6th -June 30th must by a FY20 transactions regardless of BPC statement date.  Date of service also determines the appropriate FY. Pay invoices and process EXP ASAP. 

*** Purchases or dates of services on or before 6/30 will be a FY20 transaction for all expenditures; i.e. EXPs, REQs, Invoices, POs.  

Note: Foundation will accrue all transactions that have a transaction date or date of services on or before 6/30/20 to FY20 by journal entry when the transaction originally posts to FY21.