Parents & Family Guide to Student Accommodations

  • Key Things Students Need...
  • Understanding the Civil Rights Laws
  • FAQ's about Section 504 and ADA
  • Develop Self-advocacy skills
  • Understand and be able to describe their disability
  • Manage Time Wisely- Be able to schedule and keep appointments/Keep a planner
  • Work with the Center for Student Accommodations to request and arrange their accommodations
  • Communicate with faculty and staff regarding their accommodations

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibit discrimination against persons with disabilities, and mandate accommodations only indirectly. The law considers college students to take charge of their education and be responsible for their success. If a student doesn't request an accommodation, the consequences of that action belong to the student.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule an appointment to speak with the coordinator of the Center for Student Accommodations at Pittsburg State University.

Eligibility Criteria

A physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities and the impairment need not adversely affect the student's educational performance.

Who is covered?

Protects all persons with a disability from discrimination in educational settings.

Services Provided

Regular education setting with reasonable accommodations.


504 are the same for elementary and secondary schools.

COLLEGE - for 504/ADA the students must self-identify  as having a disability and must provide adequate documentation of disability

  • evaluations/documentations of disability are student's responsibility and
  • student has responsibility for advocacy, negotiating accommodations plan


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