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Our fitness programs at Pittsburg State University provide a safe and convenient environment where one can begin, maintain and improve their level of physical fitness. Our goal is to educate our participants on how to exercise safely and effectively to achieve lifelong fitness.  Participants of all skill levels are encouraged to participate.
  • Body Composition Test
  • Fitness Assessment
  • One-on-One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • 4 & 8 Week Training Programs
Test that measures the body's relative amount of Fat Mass to Fat-Free Mass.
Discover your body fat percentage, BMR, Fat Mass, and  Fat-Free-Mass.

Fee: $5
This is a one-time consultation with a Personal Trainer. During this time you will discuss your goals, perform a fitness assessment, receive an orientation of the recreation facility, and discuss a proper workout routine.

Fee: $10

Direct, individualized training with personal trainer. Personal trainer will offer programming, motivation and guidance. Body composition and fitness assessment are included.

Students & SRC Members    
3 Sessions - $30
6 Sessions - $50
12 Sessions - $100


3 Sessions - $90
6 Sessions - $150
12 Sessions - $300


Trainer-client ratio: 1:2-3
Allows a Personal Trainer to work with more people at once and provides a cost-effective way for individuals to experience the benefits of exercise with their friends!

(price per client)
Students & SRC Members
5 Sessions - $40
10 Sessions - $60

5 Sessions - $80
10 Sessions - $120

4 Week Includes:
  • A template comprised of a general workout plan for 4 weeks based on your interests and goals.
  • A word document on the breakdown of the exercises (what muscle groups they are working, details on how to perform them, proper form, etc).
  • A pre- and post- fitness assessment, complimentary.
  • Fee: $40

8 Week Includes:
  • A template composed of an individualized workout program for 8 weeks tailored to your wants, needs, goals, limitations, etc.
  • A word document on the breakdown of the exercises (what muscle groups they are working, details on how to perform them, proper form, etc).
  • A pre- mid- and post- fitness assessment including a BodPod pre- and post-, complimentary.
  • Will have contact with the trainer responsible for designing the program, if necessary.
  • Fee: $100
Meet the Trainers
  • Creighton
  • Laura
  • Lauren
  • Cami
  • Sarah
Major: Exercise Science
Certification: First Aid/CPR
Fitness Class: Burn30
Bio: Growing up I wasn't the most talented kid when it came to fitness or athletics, but I had passion and the drive to be better. That passion, along with, being an athlete from the age of five until now is why I believe personal training is something that benefits myself and my clients. Everyone has that drive and determination, sometimes you just need the extra push or hype man to help you along the way. 


Major: Exercise Science 

Certification: First Aid/CPR

Bio: Being an athlete all through high school, it was easy to stay active. When I wasn't forced to workout, I had to find my own personal drive and desire to reach my goals! Keeping yourself motivated can be challenging, and that's why I am here to provide support and encouragement to help my clients reach their personal wellness goals!


Major: Physical Education 

Certification: First Aid/CPR 

Fitness Class: HITT FIT

Bio: I've always had a strong passion for health and fitness, so helping others reach their health and fitness goals is extremely rewarding to me. I'll hold you accountable, motivate you, and push you in and out of the gym. I can't wait to help you feel/look amazing and be your hype girl!


Major: Exercise Science 

Certifications: First Aid/CPR

Bio: I am currently on the Cross Country and Track and Field teams here at Pittsburg State, and I have been a multi-sport athlete my entire life. While being exposed to sports at an early age, I have developed a passion for not only fitness but health as well. I truly believe that living a healthier lifestyle is a major part of reducing stress and developing higher levels of self confidence, As a result, I want to help people reach their personal goals and encourage them to the best version of themselves each and every day. 


Major: Community and Worksite Wellness

Certification: RYT 200
                   First Aid/CPR

Fitness Class: Yoga

Bio: Sarah is striving toward a Community and Worksite Wellness degree and Dance Teacher certification. Sarah is a RYT 200 instructor who is dedicated to creating self-confidence and self-love through movement. 

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