Leadership & Awards Banquet

For the 22nd year, Pittsburg State University is offering a variety of awards for student organizations, their leaders, programs and advisors. The intent of the Leadership and Awards Banquet is to recognize the outstanding contributions PSU student organizations have made to the University community through their programs and leadership.   

This awards program is a special effort on the part of the University to recognize student leadership, service to the campus community and the continued development of volunteerism on our campus. We hope that you will support our efforts to reward our student organizations and their advisors for their continued success at PSU. 

The Pittsburg State University Leadership and Awards Banquet will be held on Friday, April 20, 2018 at 5:30 pm in the Crimson and Gold Ballroom located on the second floor of the Overman Student Center.  Tickets are available through the PSU Ticket Office from March 26 to April 11.

Golden Gorilla Award

The Golden Gorilla Award is a student honor given on Apple Day to recognize those junior and senior students who have made exemplary contributions in community service, academic excellence and campus involvement.

Award Description

Evaluations of the applicants will give attention to the following:



The desire and actions to aid the less fortunate and improve the quality of life for individuals at PSU or in the Pittsburg community.


Not only the student's GPA, but progressive improvements and independent research efforts or other intellectual endeavors related to their field of study, relevant honors included.

Participation in on-campus activities with an emphasis on any leadership roles, including intercollegiate athletics. Organizations not affiliated with the University should be included if the applicant is actively involved.


A strong applicant would possess strengths in all of these areas; however it is not necessary for all three areas to be fulfilled to receive the award. For example a student working part or full-time to finance their education may not have the time to perform community service, but would still be encouraged to apply.

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