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Our office is located at the Crossroads Intersection of Overman Student Center in Room 111 right to the north of The Oval on main campus. Our office hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. Come by anytime!

SGA meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the Sunflower Room in the Student Center while classes are in session. SGA does not meet during scheduled breaks, such as the ones over Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. For additional information about meetings, please call us at (620) 235-4810 or stop by our office on first floor.

Student Government Association
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How to get involved
  • Vacancies
  • Spring Elections
As Senators graduate or other circumstances occur that make a Senator unable to fill their positions to the best of their ability, Vacancies are held at throughout the fall and early spring semesters for Senate positions. Unlike Spring Elections, interviews are held by SGA Directors, Advisors, and/or veteran Senators, and the best candidates are selected.
Each year during the first week of March, SGA holds the election of its officers (President and Vice President) and senate members. In the fall semester, an Election Board is selected. Their job is to create and enforce election and campaigning guidelines, facilitate information/orientation meetings, collect petitions, and serve as the contact point for all election and campaigning issues.

Any full-time student may run for a position in the following year's association. Officers must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75, and Senators must have and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.50.  Students may run as either a member of a party or unaffiliated. They will have the chance to campaign and participate in some debates.

Enact Your Own Legislation

Is there a campus issue bothering you? Is there something you would like to say about what is going on at PSU? This is your site. We want to hear what you have to say!

Online Submission

The Student Government Association was organized "for the students and by the students," so your concerns are very important to us. Whether you want to see something changed on campus, or in the student government or you would like to voice your support on a current topic, we want to know your opinion.

Awards, Grants, & Recognition

SGA strives to recognize those members, faculty, and staff which go above and beyond to make campus a better place. Below are awards given out by SGA in an effort to thank those individuals for their contributions. 

Student of the Semester

Do you know a student that has gone above and beyond on the campus of Pittsburg State University this past semester? 

These nominations made by faculty and staff are due on the last day of each semester and will be handled and reviewed by the Campus Engagement Director and their committee to determine each semester's recipient.

Outstanding Faculty Award
  • Nominations & Winners
  • What is it?
  • How it Works

The Faculty Award was established as part of the Apple Day celebration in the early 1980s and has been through several name changes. In the early 1980's, the Academic Affairs officer of the Student Government Association (SGA) coordinated the nominations and selection.

In March 1986, it was renamed to the Outstanding Faculty Award. Nominations were received from deans, chairmen, and presidents of student organizations. A questionnaire was then sent to chairmen and deans of each nominee asking them to name five significant contributions the nominee made in the areas of instruction, scholarship, service and participation in community and student organizations. The award committee which had instituted and organized the process then evaluated the nominees, selecting three faculty for the award.

During the 2006 Apple Day convocation, Dr. Robert K. Ratzlaff, Vice President for Academic Affairs, was honored for his service to PSU and it was announcement that the award was being named for Dr. Ratzlaff. The Award was first listed as the Robert K. Ratzlaff Outstanding Faculty Award in the 2007 program.

SGA continues to recognize three faculty members at Commemoration (Apple) Day in March. They are selected from student and student organization nominees for their excellence in instruction and service to students on campus with the Robert K. Ratzlaff Outstanding Faculty Award medallion.

Student Government encourages students and organizations to take advantage of this opportunity to have their professors recognized for the hard work and superior classroom skills. Our students succeed because our instructors care.

Each February students nominate instructors. Any student may nominate one (1) faculty member or any registered student organization may nominate two (2) faculty members by completing the nomination form. The nominations are submitted to a committee led by the Campus Engagement Director. This committee then selects and notifies the three finalists, who receive medallions at Convocation.

Professors Beyond the Classroom Grant

A grant available to all faculty and staff to interact with students outside of the classroom. This can be used to apply to for funding to travel, purchase equipment, or host functions that seek to improve relationships for students, among other aspects. These nominations are due on the last day of January.

Past Winners

Kaye Lynne Webb Spirit Award

Since 1996, SGA has recognized a student, faculty/staff member or community member who displays outstanding Pitt State Spirit with the Kaye Lynne Webb Spirit Award, an award named after a wonderful woman who devoted years of service as the assistant to the president, has been an outstanding influence in the community and throughout her life has truly embodied the concept of Pitt State spirit.

Past Winners


Student Government Association works throughout the year on a number of projects to improve students' college experience, the University, and the community. We believe that it is important to serve those that support us and are always open to new project ideas.
Poster and Sidewalk Guidelines
  • Guidelines
  • Poster Rules
  • Poster Route
Each year the SGA updates the University guidelines used to get posters and sidewalk chalk approved.  These guidelines apply to all materials to be posted or chalked with the exception of Academic Departments and a few select groups, which must be stated on the posting. Anyone who would like to post or chalk something must visit the SGA office in person for approval, and it must be sponsored by someone with a current PSU ID number.
The Big Event
  • Date & Registration
  • History

This year’s event will take place on April 2nd, 2022. 

Student Registration

Community Registration (contact Community Engagement Director)

The BIG Event was created in 1982 at Texas A&M University as a way of saying “Thank You” to the surrounding community. Envisioned as a one-day service project, The BIG Event allows students to show their appreciation for local residents by completing various tasks at their homes. Since 1982, the Big Event has expanded to middle schools, high schools, and universities nationwide. The Student Government Association at Pittsburg State University believes that after years of loyal support from the community the least PSU students can do is to give one day back to them.

In 2021, over 300 students, both individually and as part of campus organizations, had a day full of wonderful weather and togetherness when they came out in support of the Pittsburg community for The BIG Event. Simple tasks such as washing windows, weeding, planting flowers and picking up trash are just a few examples of how we can help our community. If it doesn’t require a power tool, we’ll do it!

Dead Week Policy
  • Policy
  • Violations
  • Final Exam Schedule and Overload Policy
The following policy applies to the week prior to finals week:

"No tests or major assignment(s), worth 10% or more of the final grade, shall be presented, assigned, given, or made due during the week prior to final examination week, unless expressly identified in the course syllabus presented at the start of the semester." (Adopted by the Faculty Senate March 24, 2014.)

If you believe that an instructor has violated the above policy, please contact the SGA Campus Engagement Director.

Please give your name, contact information, the class (including day, time and instructor's name), a copy of the course syllabus and a description of the possible dead week violation. Please report the possible violation immediately after the class. 

Submit a Violation

To see the Final Exam Schedule and learn about the Final Exam Overload Policy, please visit the Registrar's site here.
  • Overview
  • Checklist
  • Forms & Resources
  • FAQ's

Allocations is a reimbursement process that allows SGA to reimburse approximately $60,000 to registered student organizations for projects and activities they have conducted throughout each semester that have not only benefited the members of their organization, but also the student body as a whole.

Allocations Information

To be eligible for Allocations, an organization must simply:
  1. Register with the Campus Activities Center.
  2. Read over the posted Allocations Handbook AND take the accompanying Quiz (available under Forms & Resources).
  3. Fill out and complete Allocations Appendix found on SGA's Forms section of Gorilla Engage.
  4. Submit digital presentation and reimbursable receipts to the SGA Finance Committee during the specified timeline.

Where can my organization find its account information?

  • Usually your advisor should have that information on record.  
  • On-campus - If you have recently switched advisors or they do not know the information, you can find out account information through the Business Office.  They will probably ask to speak to your advisor to verify who has information access and to protect account security.
  • Off-campus - Allocations does not reimburse off-campus accounts. All registered student organizations must have an on-campus account to participate in Allocations.

How much of our Allocations request is my organization really going to receive?

  • This number is effected by the amount of Allocations that are requested.  The more organizations that request funding, the further the dollars have to stretch.
  • It also depends on the amount of funding in the Allocations account.  While there is never less than $30,000 a semester, this number can be higher if organizations failed to claim all their funds a previous semester.  Unclaimed funds roll back into the Allocations account, and are added to the amount to be awarded out the following semester.

What forms does my organization need to turn in to receive Allocations reimbursement?

  • Regardless of the nature of the reimbursement request (i.e. events, travel, etc), all organizations requesting reimbursement must fill out the Allocations Appendix and Quiz forms found on SGA's Forms portion of their page on Gorilla Engage.
  • If an organization is approved, additional steps will be explained via email to complete the digital presentation portion of the process.

Ask the Chief of Operations

If you have any questions about the Allocation Process that were not covered by the above FAQ or the handbook, please contact Chief of Operations.

Ask a Question

Student Discount Cards

The Student Discount Card Program, now referred to the Student Discount Initiative, was designed to encourage students to support area businesses and ultimately save the students money. When students shop at participating business just present your PSU student I.D. to get the discount offered. The SGA feels this is a great way for students of PSU and local businesses to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Constitution Day

Each September 17th, Pittsburg State University joins schools across the nation in the celebration of Constitution Day.  It was on this day in 1787 that the Constitution was signed.  As the recipient of Title IV funding, Pittsburg State University is required to use this designated day to celebrate the Constitution of the United States. Over the past several years, SGA has partnered with Financial Aid to oversee the planning for this event.  In the past, they have handed out mini constitutions, given away prizes with a crossword puzzle challenge, and invited guest speakers to talk on the Oval.  This is a great chance to celebrate our nation.  If you or your organization would like to help with this day, please contact our office, and we would be happy to put you in touch with this year's organizers.

Constitution day is an event that happens in the Fall celebrating the Constitution of the United States.

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