The Pride of the Plains Marching Band

The Pride of the Plains Marching Band

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2022 Marching Band Camp Information Letter

The "Pride of the Plains" Marching Band at Pittsburg State University is a highly spirited 150+  piece contemporary style marching band that consists of traditional marching band instrumentation, color guard, feature twirlers and the Crimson and Gold Dancers. The marching band at Pitt State is a tremendous source of pride to the university and throughout the region.

The "Pride" performs at all home football games, select away games, leads the homecoming and Pittsburg Christmas Parades, and participates in other school and community events. A highlight of recent years has been performing in the Kansas City Chief's Arrowhead Stadium and cheering on the Gorillas at the NCAA Division 2 National Championships.

After a three day band camp which occurs the week before school starts, full band rehearsals are held from 3:15-4:45 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the fall semester. Enrollment in the band is open to all Pitt State students regardless of academic major.

All members of the “Pride of the Plains” receive participation awards starting from $400 for their performance. Significant additional scholarship monies may be available to qualified applicants by audition.

Click HERE if you're interested in participating in the Pride of the Plains Marching Band!! (You'll be directed to a form to fill out)

color-guard-2015Color Guard

Who: All Current and Future Pitt State Students are encouraged to try-out for the PSU Color Guard. If you were a member of your high school guard and have a positive attitude, chances are strong that you will be accepted.

What: Color Guard at PSU is a select group that performs as part of the Pride of the Plains Marching Band. Equipment used includes flags, rifles, and other props and equipment on occasion.

When: Monday, August 15 at 10 AM. If you want an earlier audition, please contact the Music Office (620-235-4466) for an appointment.

Where: Weede Dance Studio on the campus of PSU.

Why: Because color guard is fun! And you get $500!

    The Pittsburg State University Pride of the Plains Marching Band Facebook group is where all band related announcements will be made. 
All band members and prospective members are encouraged to join.

For additional information, contact the Department of Music (620)235-4466.

Pride of the Plains Marching Band FAQ
  • How does being in a college Marching Band compare to my high school experience?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I have to audition to be in the band?
  • Do I need to be a music major to be in the band?
  • Do you have to know how to march to be in the band?
  • How often does the band rehearse?
  • Does the bands program provide instruments to members?
  • Need more information?
The “Pride of the Plains” Marching Band is comprised of students who have been members of championship high school bands as well as students whose high school didn't even have a Marching Band. This diversity of backgrounds makes it difficult to compare college with high school. However, one of the greatest differences is that there is much less rehearsal time available. We perform a standard pregame show and 3-4 different halftime shows each season, and play lots of stand tunes. Also, the college band has to find a happy medium between being a fun and spirited organization while still achieving a quality of performance representative of the image of our great University at home and away.  At PSU, we put a significant emphasis on the band being fun for the marching members as well as for the audience.
Actually, we pay you.   See below for stipend and scholarship information.
NO. Brass and Woodwind players are not required to audition for the Marching Band. However, percussionists, twirlers, and color guard members will have to try out during band camp (or by appointment with the band director).
NO! The Marching Band does not require its members to be music majors. In fact, the majority of marching band members major in something other than music.  The environment is ideal for freshmen as it provides them with a wealth of human resources to help them select professors and pick the best classes. Just about every major at the university is represented in the band!
NO! Marching experience is not required of anyone interested in becoming a member of the band. In fact, about 1/3rd of the Marching Band members had no marching experience before joining the "Pride of the Plains" Upon arrival at Band Camp, all members will learn to march.  Don’t worry!  Its not difficult at all.
Rehearsals are planned so as not to interfere with classes.  Rehearsals are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:30-5:00 PM.  That’s it*.  No extra rehearsals, no staying late. Fall semester only. 
(*color guard and percussion do have one sectional each week… that’s why you guys get the big bucks.)
YES! The band will provide sousaphones, baritones, mellophones, and piccolos. Some saxes, trombones, and trumpets are also available on a limited basis. The band provides all percussion and color guard equipment.

Email the music department at or call (620) 235-4070.

Opportunities For You!

The Pitt State Band wants you to join us in making your university years active and interesting. Here are a few opportunities available for you:

  • An opportunity for you to meet new friends and to acquaint yourself with others who have a variety of interests and a common goal.

  • An opportunity for you to become a part of a great Pittsburg State University tradition.

  • An opportunity for you to gain an instant feeling of belonging, combined with a knowledge that you are an active part of a great university.

  • An opportunity for you to be a vital part of the excitement and traditional rivalries associated with men's and women's athletics in the NCAA.

  • An opportunity for you to experience the rewards and sense of pride that goes along with accomplishment.

Stipends and Scholarships

Members of the "Pride of the Plains" Marching Band receive Band Stipend Awards for their participation. In 2007, all band members will get at least $400. Drumline and Colorguard receive $500.

Students who participate in one of Basketball Pep Bands receive an additional Band Stipend Award of $225.00 for each band they are in (we currently have 3 different pep bands). Qualified students may apply for and audition for additional scholarship assistance through the Department of Music.

Out of State Student = In State Tuition

Many students from Missouri and Oklahoma can attend Pitt State at our low in-state tuition using the Gorilla Advantage In-State Tuition Plan.  To see if you are eligible, visit the Gorilla Advantage Plan page.

For information about Bands at Pitt State
contact the department of music at or call (620) 235-4466

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