Advising a Student Planning to Study Abroad

1. Planning ahead with the student

If your advisee mentions that he/she is interested in Study Abroad, please help him/her know which classes are required for his/her degree. Are there specific classes that must be taken at PSU? Are there classes that can be taken online? Is there a practicum or special topics class that he/she could complete abroad?

2. Course Approval

Each student who will be participating in a individual study abroad program must complete a Course Credit Transfer form. This allows the student to be registered in a place holding Study Abroad Course for the time that he/she will be abroad.

Advisors can help students know if courses will count toward a general education, major, or minor course. The department chair of each course must then sign to approve the courses.

Students are encouraged to have more courses approved than they will take abroad. In the case that there are changes in course schedules, course cancellations, or closed courses when the student arrives at the program, this will help the student be prepared.

The Assistant Registrar & Transcript Analyst will give the final approval for credit transfer.

Please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator with any questions.

3. Participation in non-English exchange university programs

Each student who applies to a non-English exchange university and wishes to take classes in the host country's language must have a recommendation from the Modern Languages and Literatures department as part of his/her application. If there are questions about courses and course credit transfer when dealing with non-English exchanges, please contact the Study Abroad Coordinator.

4. Student Questions

If one of your advisees is interested in studying abroad, please tell him/her to contact contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in International Programs & Services, Whitesitt 118 or via email We are happy to help answer any questions.


Thank you for helping promote PSU Study Abroad!