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Improve your English language! 

Intensive English Online features 8-week online courses in Fall and Spring and 5-week online courses during the Summer. Classes are offered at three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced. (Levels offered is dependent upon enrollment and staffing.) Students need to devote approximately 9 hours per week online. In each level, two courses are offered: Reading, Listening & Speaking and Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing). The program is flexible, and every effort is made to meet individual student needs. 

These online interactive courses are designed for academic preparation in a US university setting. These courses are taught by experienced and qualified IEP university instructors. All adult learners are welcome to enroll and engage in virtual learning from your home country. 

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  • Application Process
  • Session Dates
  • Cost & Scholarships
  • Online Courses
  • Placement Test & Exit Test
  • Course Structure and Requirements

1. Submit application for admission:

2. Submit the following: 

All documents can be emailed to

Intensive English Online Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must have completed high school to enroll in Intensive English Online courses.  

Pittsburg State University reserves the right to change standards for admission as deemed necessary. Every attempt will be made to communicate changes of policy, but the lack of knowledge of admission policy on the part of the prospective student will not be reason for the University to waive current admission standards.

Spring Session 1 (8 Weeks)

Start: January 18, 2022
End: March 11, 2022

Spring Session 2 (8 Weeks)

Start: March 21, 2022
End: May 13, 2022

Summer Session 1 (5 Weeks)

Start: June 6, 2022
End: July 8, 2022

Summer Session 2 (5 Weeks)

Start: July 11, 2022
End: August 12, 2022

Fall Session 1 (8 Weeks)

Start: August 22, 2022
End: October 14, 2022

Fall Session 2 (8 Weeks)

Start: October 17, 2022
End: December 16, 2022


8-Weeks Spring/Fall or 5-Weeks Summer
$968.00 per course 1 session

16-Weeks Spring/Fall or 10-Weeks Summer
$1,936.00 per course 2 sessions


A limited number of $250 scholarships are available on a first-come basis. 

Additional Expenses:

E-Book: $25.00 

Duolingo English Test: $49.00 

Application Fee: None 

Tuition must be paid in advance by the first day of class. Payment can be made online with credit/debit card, bank wire transfer, or by check/bank draft. There is a 2.9% convenience fee when paying with credit/debit card. 


IEP-025-99 PART 1 - Elementary Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-025-98 PART 2 - Elementary Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-026-99 PART 1 - Elementary Reading, Listening & Speaking

IEP-026-98 PART 2 - Elementary Reading, Listening & Speaking 


IEP-045-99 PART 1 - Intermediate Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-045-98 PART 2 - Intermediate Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-046-99 PART 1 - Intermediate Reading, Listening & Speaking  

IEP-046-98 PART - Intermediate Reading, Listening & Speaking  


IEP-065-99 PART 1 - Advanced Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-065-98 PART Advanced Structure & Composition (Grammar & Writing)

IEP-066-99 PART 1 - Advanced Reading, Listening & Speaking 

IEP-066-98 PART 2 Advanced Reading, Listening & Speaking 

All courses may not be offered each session. Courses offered is dependent upon enrollment and staffing.

Each course has two 8-week parts (5 weeks in the summer) for a total of 16 weeks (10 weeks in the summer). These must be taken consecutively in order to advance to the next level.  

For those students wanting to enroll for 8-weeks only, you may join mid-term with permission. This is for the Intermediate Level only. Students will be responsible for all prior course content. 

Students will receive one credit hour per completed level. Each course will officially be documented on a PSU transcript. A certificate of completion will be awarded after the Advanced Level has been successfully completed.  

Placement Test:  

Applicants are required to submit a Duolingo English Test score before the start of the course to determine proper level placement. The Duolingo English Test can be taken online from your home computer. The cost of the test is $50 and will be reimbursed through a tuition reduction of $50.  

For those students who start with the online course and later join the in-person course, a new placement test will be given on-site to determine proper level placement. This may result in moving up or down in level. 

Exit Test:  

With the successful completion of the online Advanced Level (IEP-065 and IEP-066), to meet the academic admission English proficiency requirement, students will need to submit a passing TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score for entry into the academic program. 

The TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score will only be waived for those who complete the in-person IEP Advanced Level. 

How will the course be taught? 

This course will offer a mix of online synchronous lessons (at a set time, live in real-time) and asynchronous lessons (on your own time, pre-recorded lessons). Courses will be delivered through Canvas and Zoom. Participants will engage in virtual learning from their home country. 

What about the time difference? 

We will do our best to accommodate the schedule of everyone who joins. We will have synchronous class 3-5 times a week. Sometimes that will be as a group, sometimes we may divide into pairs or small groups depending on time zones around the world, and sometimes it will be one-on-one with the instructors. Every effort to accommodate each and every student.

What are the requirements? 

Participants must have the following: 

  • Duolingo English Test is required for course placement
  • A basic knowledge of English to navigate the online system 
  • Ability to meet online at the scheduled class times and devote at least 9 hours per week (about 2 hours per day)
  • Reliable computer with internet access
  • Webcam, microphone, and speakers

This online program does not qualify for a US student visa, but can be taken from outside the US in the student's home country.