• What is IKE?
  • Who can participate in IKE?
  • Can graduate students participate in IKE?
  • How do I enroll in IKE?
  • How do I complete the IKE certificate?
  • How do I keep track of what I've completed?
  • How long do I have to complete IKE?
  • How do I know which events/courses qualify for IKE?
  • What happens if I enroll in IKE and don't complete it?
  • I just enrolled my junior year. Can I count activities that I did my freshman year?
The International Knowledge and Experience (IKE) Certificate promotes international knowledge and encourages students to have international experiences. The IKE certificate consists of three components of international experience: Study Abroad, Academic Courses, and Co Curricular programming. A student may complete any two of the components to fulfill the certificate requirements. Students completing IKE by choosing to include the Academic Courses component will also receive a notation on their academic transcript.
IKE is open to all PSU students, international and domestic.

Yes! Graduate students can participate in IKE, however, graduate students will not receive a notation on their transcripts if they complete the academic component. Graduate students can count two language courses and one internationally-focused course from their undergraduate studies towards the required courses for the academic component.

Enrolling is easy! Just send your name and PSU id# to ike@pittstate.edu 

For more information, see our How to Apply/Participate page.

Students complete the certificate by completing 2 of the 3 required components. See our How to Apply/Participate page for more information.
Students will be enrolled in a Canvas course and will complete the necessary forms in Canvas.
Students can remain active participants in IKE as long as they are enrolled in PSU. Some students complete IKE in one or two semesters, while other students are enrolled for their entire academic career.

For the approved list of academic courses, please see our Courses page.

For co-curricular activities and points, please see our Co-Curricular page.

For the study abroad component, please see our Study Abroad page and speak with the Study Abroad Coordinator

Nothing! If you think you might complete the IKE certificate, we encourage you to register. If you are unable to complete the certicate, there's not need to explain. We will simply remove your name from the Canvas course.

If you studied abroad any time during your academic career at PSU, yes, this will count!

If you were at Pitt Pal any time during your academic career at PSU, yes, this will count!

If you took an academic course any time during your acaemic career at PSU, yes,this will count!

For co-curricular events, we ask that the event be within the past semester or year so that you remember enough about the event to write a reflective essay.